Release Notes: 10e

December 6, 2011 Rick Casucci

DotPdf PDF Generation and Manipulation SDK

  • DotPdf is now available. A standalone SDK, though it uses the same installer as DotImage. Developers can build PDF generation and manipulation into their applications with DotPdf.
  • Added a client-side Repaint() method for annotations.
  • A bug was fixed in PDF annotations where exporting image annotations was not rotating them correctly in a searchable PDF.
  • Fixed a bug in TiffDecoder where opening certain tiffs would result in a blank image.
  • Fixed a bug in PDF where reordering pages in certain PDFs would result in an invalid PDF.
  • Fixed a bug in BarcodeReader where DataMatrix barcodes were returning the wrong symbology.
  • Fixed annotation cloning.
  • Fixed a bug in dotImage Sterling’s FromWriteableBitmap method which did not convert colors to BGR, BGRA correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in dotImage Managed where the FillRectangle method of AtalaImage would apply colors in the wrong order.
  • Fixed a bug where certain images would not show exif metadata.
  • Fixed a bug in TiffEncoder, which would not recognize Tag 512 as valid.
  • Fixed a memory leak in DicomDataset
  • Fixed a bug in the SilverlightImageViewer which threw a WebException when the Save method was called.
  • Fixed a bug in Winviewer where the Undo method would sometimes fail to work.
  • Fixed issues in the AnnotateViewer where ReferencedImageAnnotations and EmbeddedImageAnnotations would sometimes create file locking problems.
  • Fixed a bug in the managed version of the PngEncoder that was writing bad PNG files.
  • Fixed an issue with the Web Document Viewer so that images now scale properly in the viewer without threading issues.
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