Release Notes: 10d

October 5, 2011 Rick Casucci

Released 10/5/2011 - Build number 51162

  • Barcode reading speed improved (3x as fast based on our tests!).
  • JBIG2 and JPEG2000 are thread-safe.
  • Multiselect semantics for WinForms ThumbnailView better mimic Windows Explorer.
  • Burning EmbeddedImageAnnotations and ReferencedImageAnnotations no longer interferes with the placement of other annotations.
  • RecoStarEngine now supports the auto-rotate feature.
  • Burning annotations is now thread-safe.
  • DLL references fixed in demos with barcode reading.
  • The WinForms ThumbnailView SelectedIndexChanged event is now raised whenever the set of selected thumbnails is changed.
  • SilverlightImageViewer's ScrollTo method now responds when the PageLayout is ThumbnailVerticalScroll or ThumbnailHorizontalScroll.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException no longer throws when the selected Thumbnail is deleted immediately before MouseUp.
  • Added CloneBaseDataFrom method to AnnotationData class.
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Release Notes: 10e

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