Release Notes: 10b

September 2, 2011 Atalasoft General

What's New in DotImage 10b

  • We now support opening an array of file names in the Web Thumbnail Viewer.
  • Fixed a bug some users experienced that caused PDFs to output incorrectly when created with our controls.
  • When a Silverlight annotation has been selected, the size grips will still appear even when CanResize property is set to false.
  • An “AllowEditing” property has been added to Silverlight Text and Callout Annotations.
  • A bug was fixed in Text annotations in the Web Controls where the text could not include HTML characters.
  • Our RAW decoder has been updated to add more cameras.
  • A bug was fixed in oud r Silverlight controls where switching from one of the Thumbnailview PageLayouts to any other PageLayout would cause an index out of bounds exception.
  • SilverlightImageViewer.BurnAnnotations is now fully implemented.
  • A bug was fixed in our Silverlight controls where comments attached to an annotation would point to the wrong position when the PageLayout was set to anything other than SinglePage.
  • A bug was fixed where files opened through the WebThumbnailViewer using OpenUrl weren’t sorted.
  • Documentation was rewritten to make it more clear that SilverlightImageViewer’s LinkViewer method should be called on the thumbnail viewer from the image viewer.
  • Improved performance of the WebDocumentViewer page loading for image codecs that support resolution changes (such as PDF)
  • Fixed a bug in the WebDocumentViewer that would cause alerts when there was no image loaded, and the viewer was scrolled.
  • Fixed a bug in the WebDocumentViewer that wouldn't load images with rooted relative paths.

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