Release Notes: 10a

August 18, 2011 Atalasoft General
  • Highlight: We now support encrypting the cache in our WebControls.
  • PDFAnnotationExporter and Loading Annotations takes Rotation into consideration
  • A bug was fixed in creating 1x1 TIFF files that caused an exception.
  • The PDF Reader now renders Bates numbers
  • Canvas.DrawText can now draw text scaled to the image's DPI (not just the screen DPI)
  • The PDF Reader can now render Chinese Japanese and Korean characters (with an additional download of font resources)
  • The installed web demos .refresh files are now pointing at the correct assemblies
  • If you are using Advanced codecs in the PDF Encoder, it will check if you have them loaded already instead of searching for them.
  • Linked Silverlight viewers update correctly when one is rotated.
  • Fixed a bug in the WebAnnotationViewer that would render annotations incorrectly after they were cleared and replaced in a RemoteInvoke.
  • We now allow you to set the cursor in FireFox for various WebImageViewer states (pan, zoom, etc)
  • A bug was fixed where a server-side created annotation's AnnotationClicked event did not fire.
  • We now correctly raise the MouseDown event in the AtalaAnnotationViewer
  • We fixed null reference exception bug when a Jp2Decoder is created through reflection in a WCF service.
  • Fixed a bug in Canvas where drawing text in a very small bounding rectangle may throw an exception.

Full Release Notes for DotImage 10a

Update: We also released minor version updates DotImage 10a and DotImage 10b.

New WebDocumentViewer for ASP.NET websites. Built on jQuery and modern browser technologies.

  • Can be easily deployed to websites using ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC
  • Can be themed with jQuery UI ThemeRoller
  • Shows multiple pages in a scroll viewer
  • Uses web handlers for server interaction

New DotImage OCR Engine: IRIS IDRS

  • Supports Asian character sets
  • Supports ICR

New Silverlight Imaging SDK that is a subset of DotImage and usable in the client-side of Silverlight applications without elevation.

  • Includes TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and BMP codecs
  • Many image processing commands including 1-bit

Silverlight viewer performance enhancements

  • Can use local isolated storage for client-side caching.
  • Can get pages on demand when in single-page view mode
  • Silverlight viewers can use TIFF directly without converting to PNG or JPEG.

New fully-managed AnyCpu subset of DotImage that can be used in partial-trust environments.

  • Includes TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and BMP codecs
  • Many image processing commands including 1-bit

New Barcode Reader Symbologies

  • AustraliaPost
  • OneCode/Intelligent Mail
  • Planet
  • RM4SCC

EZTwainX is included in DotImage Document Imaging and DotTwain for desktop scanning.

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