Release Notes:

October 1, 2015 Eric Deutchman

Problems Resolved in This Fix Pack


  • Loss of text / row in PDF form field
  • Text Box allows additional text lines to be added when back in edit mode at end of box, one row per save in .pdf
  • Text getting clipped off of PDF form field via .PDF
  • PDF changes previously specified fonts
  • Text box overruns after save of PDF
  • [WDT] Opening a second document breaks the clickable thumbs in the WebDocumentThumbnailer
  • WingScan trying to upload pages even though discard flag has been set in onImageAcquired
  • Web Annotation Viewer IE9/IE10 Compatibility
  • Text fails to display from form field when the text reaches the end of the box on flattened file
  • Multi Threading issues with RAW decoder
  • [WDT] Thumbnails from different size images in document not "BestFit" fitting into Thumbnails
  • [WDV] Loading XMP annotations where Layer.Visible = false is not honoring the visibility setting (so annotations are all visible)
  • WDV fires annotation moved event when the annotation hasn't moved.
  • "Specified cast is not valid." error when opening JPEG files with invalid resolution information (EXIF tags)

Problems Fixed in Previous Fix Packs

  • Support for rasterizing MS PowerPoint files in DotImage does not work
  • WDV: Annotations can disappear
  • [PdfDocument] Customer Pdf takes unreasonably long time to separate, output files sum total 1.49GiB from 8MiB input file
  • [WDV] zoom scaling "sticking" at 100% visually even though getZoom() shows > 1.0 zoom value
  • [WDV] not freeing up memory correctly
  • PdfDecoder x64 access violation customer PDF
  • Request to Add support for PowerPoint to DotImage
  • WDV pageborderwidth causing annotations to "clip" early on bottom and right edges of document
  • WDV setting a zoom level during viewer initialization does not work as expected.
  • WDV Pdf Fillable form - Multiline Text box displays/ interacts incorrectly
  • OfficeDecoder in DotImage 10.6 Alpha throws CodecException {"Unrecognized zip block signature."}
  • WDV- if fillable form fields on the same page have the same name we only load the first of the fields properly
  • PdfFillableForm save from WDV causing ChoiceWidgetAnnotations to not display proper selected choice in various readers 
  • DotTwain Acquire hanging with ThreadingEnabled = True in and newer
  • Every time a new AtalaImage is created there is license checking code called from the AtalaImage constructor 

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Eric Deutchman

Eric is one of Atalasoft's marketeers and joined the company in 2007. He can be seen throwing tradeshow swag at people and worrying about things like, "Let's move that over just 1 pixel......Nice."

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