Release Notes:

October 7, 2015 Atalasoft General

Problems Resolved in This Fix Pack

  • Support for rasterizing MS PowerPoint files in DotImage does not work
  • WDV: Annotations can disappear
  • [PdfDocument] Customer Pdf takes unreasonably long time to separate, output files sum total 1.49GiB from 8MiB input file
  • [WDV] zoom scaling "sticking" at 100% visually even though getZoom() shows > 1.0 zoom value
  • [WDV] not freeing up memory correctly
  • PdfDecoder x64 access violation customer PDF
  • Request to Add support for PowerPoint to DotImage
  • WDV pageborderwidth causing annotations to "clip" early on bottom and right edges of document
  • WDV setting a zoom level during viewer initialization does not work as expected.

Problems Fixed in Previous Fix Packs

  • WDV Pdf Fillable form - Multiline Text box displays/ interacts incorrectly
  • OfficeDecoder in DotImage 10.6 Alpha throws CodecException {"Unrecognized zip block signature."}
  • WDV- if fillable form fields on the same page have the same name we only load the first of the fields properly
  • PdfFillableForm save from WDV causing ChoiceWidgetAnnotations to not display proper selected choice in various readers 
  • DotTwain Acquire hanging with ThreadingEnabled = True in and newer
  • Every time a new AtalaImage is created there is license checking code called from the AtalaImage constructor 

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Release Notes:
Release Notes:

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Release Notes: 10.5.2

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