Release Notes: 10.5.2

February 10, 2015 Atalasoft General

Atalasoft 10.5.2 Release Notes

The following features were added or updated in Atalasoft's SDKs in version 10.5.2:

Web Scanning Redesign

In response to Chrome’s promise to drop support for the NPAPI, which our Chrome web scanning plugin was built on, we redesigned the control to no longer use this, soon to be deprecated, API. The new design relies upon the installation of a local service. The new service replaces plugins for all supported browsers and facilitates communication between the Twain layer and the browser.

To improve performance and to maintain support for IE8 and IE9, we provided new asynchronous overloads for all synchronous functions. The following table shows the new overload for all synchronous functions.

Synchronous function

New asynchronous overload

Image.saveEncryptedLocal(format [,opts]) -->

Image.saveEncryptedLocal(format[,opts], callback)

Image.asBase64String(fmt [,opts]) -->

Image.asBase64String(fmt[,opts], callback)

LocalFile.asBase64String(fid [,fmt [,opts]]) -->

LocalFile.asBase64String(fid[,fmt [,opts]], callback)

LocalFile.remove(fid) -->

LocalFile.remove(fid, callback)

LocalFile.list() -->


LocalFile.removeAll() -->


LocalFile.globalPurgeByAge(hrs) -->

LocalFile.globalPurgeByAge(hrs, callback)

LocalFile.fromBase64String(key) -->

LocalFile.fromBase64String(key, callback)

LocalFile.setEncryptionKey(str) -->

LocalFile.setEncryptionKey(str, callback)

Note: This is a breaking change for IE 8 and IE9, the new overloads must be used. For all other supported browsers, we recommend the change is made to improve performance. If you are not using these functions, no action is necessary.

The new overloads simply take an additional parameter which is a callback function which will be invoked when the call completes. The old function calls are marked deprecated and will invoke a browser warning if used.

Updates To Pdf Reader Engine

The update includes improvements to image rasterization and extraction. We are now able to extract and rasterize many images which previously were unable to, without a loss of content. The update also includes changes to the text extraction algorithm, with a net positive gain in accuracy. The synthesis of white space between distinct, separate sections of text has improved, which improves text searching accuracy. Extractions involving glyphs with diacritic marks may introduce a new line that was not present in previous versions but will have no effect on the accuracy of text searching.

Resolved Issues in 10.5.2:

When you install this version of the product, the following solutions are available for previously reported

  • Fixed an issue where rasterization resolution was not considered when importing annotations from a Pdf.
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException when combining Pdf files.
  • Added a configuration option to disable cache cleanup in our legacy web viewers.
  • Fixed an issue with the WordDecoder displaying headers.
  • Fixed an issue where the WebDocumentViewer sends many unnecessary image requests, under certain circumstances.issues.

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Atalasoft 10.5 Release Notes
Atalasoft 10.5 Release Notes

The following features were added or updated in Atalasoft's SDKs in version 10.5

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