Release Notes: 10.3

January 10, 2013 Atalasoft General

Atalasoft 10.3 Release Notes

What's New in DotImage 10.3

New Features

  • The Web Document Viewer component is now supported on iOS Mobile Safari and Android's Chrome.
  • The Web Document Viewer includes a JavaScript API for creating annotations, altering context menus, changing the properties of an annotation, and changing the current page.
  • DotPdf can now import SVG drawings and you can add tabular data to any PDF with the new TableShape.
  • WingScan can now read in the index fields associated with a repository and content type from SharePoint, let you edit them and include their values on the import.
  • WingScan can be configured to import documents into SharePoint.
  • The Assemblies have been simplified and some have been combined * to make deployment simpler.

* Please note that this may create Breaking Changes in certain instances.
For more details please see the following knowledgebase articles:

Resolved Issues & Bug Fixes

  • Made the PDF Annotation classes PdfLineData and PdfLinkData serializable.
  • Make PdfDecoder's ReadRegion use frame if provided.
  • Support empty Names in a PdfDocument.
  • Made PdfTextPage search from the end when -1 is passed as a start position.
  • Fixed a bug in PDF Font encoding.
  • Handle Cancel in TiffEncoder's ProgressEventHandler.
  • Made MergedImageSource serializable.
  • Made BorderRemovalCommand serializable.
  • Support CheckCharPos in barcodes that have their checksum in the recognized data.
  • Fixed a bug in WebAnnotationViewer.DeleteAnnotations() when it is passed a list of all annotation.
  • Fixed a bug to make IE9 Compatibility work with Web Annotation Viewer.

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