Atalasoft DotViewer Release Notes 11.2

January 27, 2020 Atalasoft General

Atalasoft DotViewer Release Notes 11.2

DotViewer is an installable server-side component for document viewing and web-based scanning that alleviates the need for the customer to build their own handler using .NET coding. This is a new part and is licensed separately. Contact Atalasoft sales for more information.

The release notes give you late-breaking information. Please read this document carefully, as it contains information that is not included in other Atalasoft DotViewer documentation.

Version Information

The build number for Atalasoft DotViewer 11.2 is

System Requirements

The primary source of information about Atalasoft DotViewer requirements and dependencies on other products is the Technical Specifications document posted on Atalasoft website. We recommend that you review it carefully, especially if you plan to use Atalasoft DotViewer 11.2 with other Atalasoft products.


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