Atalasoft DotImage Release Notes 10.7.0

August 11, 2016 Atalasoft General

Atalasoft DotImage Release Notes 10.7.0 

The release notes give you late-breaking information about Atalasoft DotImage 10.7.0. Please read this document carefully, as it contains information that is not included in other Atalasoft DotImage documentation.

Version Information

The build number for Atalasoft DotImage 10.7.0 is

New Features

The following features were added to Atalasoft DotImage in version 10.7.0:

Web Document Viewer Improvements

  • Client Side Page Operations

Added support to simply perform page operations in Web Document Viewer by calling JavaScript APIs, and to determine if and when the updates made on the client are saved back to the document on the server. Web Document Viewer supports the following Page operations:

  • Re-order pages
  • Insert page
  • Delete pages
  • Selectable Text

Added support to select text and copy it to the clipboard in Web Document Viewer for a page that has a text layer, such as a PDF with text, MS Office Document, or an image that has had OCR performed.

  • Thumbnail Captions

Caption text can be added to a thumbnail in order to provide additional information or context for users.

  • Annotation Rotation

Added interactive annotation rotation capabilities as well as appropriate JavaScript APIs to perform rotation programmatically.

PDF processing Improvements

  • PDF processing Improvements

Linearized PDF Generation support

Provide support to generate linearized PDF using the following classes:

  • PdfDocument
  • PdfGeneratedDocument
  • PdfEncoder

A linearized PDF file is a PDF file with a specific structure and additional information that allows display of the first page as quickly as possible before the entire file is downloaded from the Web server.

  • Support PDF Compression using the Image Segmentation algorithm

The PdfEncoder was updated to support an advanced image segmentation algorithm to split the image into several segments with different color information (text, logo image, etc.) and compress these segments separately using the best possible algorithm.

Integrating SDK with Visual Studio

  • NuGet Support

Support for NuGet packages to install DotImage components right from within Visual Studio, eliminating the need for a complete DotImage installation, and streamlining the whole development process.

  • Activating SDK within Visual Studio

The Activation Wizard was added to be installed as an extension for Visual Studio, so customers could request a trial or generate an Atalasoft DotImage license without complete installation of Atalasoft DotImage SDK.

New Microsoft Office Decoder

Previous versions of the product required Microsoft Office to be installed in order to have an ability to render documents in different office formats. Now, Lexmark Document Filters technology was integrated in the SDK in order to eliminate this requirement.

The new OfficeDecoder class is introduced which is able to render documents in the following office formats:

  • Office 97-2003 Document (.doc)
  • Office 97-2003 Document Template (.dot)
  • Office Open XML Document (.docx)
  • Office Open XML Document Template (.dotx)
  • Office Word XML Document (.xml)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • Open Document Text Format (.odt)
  • Office 97-2003 Spreadsheet (.xls)
  • Office 97-2003 Spreadsheet Template (.xlt)
  • Office XML Spreadsheet (.xlsx)
  • Office XML Spreadsheet Template (.xltx)
  • Office PowerPoint formats (.ppt, .pptx)

Support for ABBYY FineReader for OCR/ICR

Added the new Atalasoft.Ocr.Abbyy.AbbyyEngine assembly to provide integration with the ABBYY FineReader OCR and ICR engine.

Support for large TIFF files

Enhanced functionality to have the ability to process large TIFF files up to 4 GB by using the following classes:

  • AtalaImage
  • ImageCollection
  • ImageCollectionImageSource
  • IndirectionImageSource
  • IptcParser
  • FileSystemImageSource
  • PhotoshopResourceParser
  • TiffTag
  • TiffTagCollection
  • TiffPage
  • TiffCodecCompression
  • TiffEncoder
  • TiffDecoder
  • TiffDirectory
  • TiffDirectoryCollection
  • TiffFile
  • TiffDocument
  • WebDocumentRequestHandler

Support for multi-user environments by Web Capture Service

Added support for Web Capture Service for MS Terminal Server and Citrix environments to let multiple users work simultaneously with Web Capture Service from different Windows logon sessions and acquire images from scanner or local disk.

Supported Citrix Environments:

  • Citrix XenApp 6.5 and above
  • Citrix XenDesktop 6.5 and above

Known Issues

This chapter contains information about potential issues that you may encounter while using Atalasoft DotImage 10.7.0.

Table Layout Grid Incorrect

The Web Document Thumbnailer (WDT) draws an incorrect table grid if columns/rows are specified but fixed thumbnail size is not specified. (733382)

Basically, if requesting n columns, WDT makes n*n columns and thus thumbnail images are too small. This happens because of internal issues when calculating the thumbnail size.

No Response From the WCS When Using HTTPS

When using Firefox, there is no response from the WCS when using the HTTPS protocol. This only happens for a new user on a PC. This happens because WCS does not copy certificate to the Firefox repository in this case. (714491)

WDV Page Rotate Returns Error When Rotating First Page

If you open a page with the WebDocumentViewer/WebThumbnailViewer and rotate the first page an error is returned:

"f.Event {type: "error", name: "ResumePageRequestsError", message: "Nothing to resume", timeStamp:1457985073900, jQuery17108313417548779398: true…}" (694948)

This is only visible if you bind to the error event, and appears to be largely cosmetic.

Word Decoder Assembly is No Longer Supported

Existing license holders for the Word decoder assembly can continue to use this in 10.7, however new customers can not use this assembly because licenses are no longer offered. (690763)

Saving *.CR2 File After Rotating Results In Error

"PhotometricInterpretation tag missing error" is displayed when you try to save a *.CR2 file after rotation. (687417)

OfficeDecoder.IsValidFormat Returns False for Word odt Documents

[OfficeDecoder] OfficeDecoder.IsValidFormat returns False for Word odt documents even though the format is valid. (673959)

OfficeDecoder.IsValidFormat Returns False in Document with Japanese Characters

Certain Word documents with Chinese and or Japanese characters are flagged as having an invalid format by OfficeDecoder.IsValidFormat. (673958)

Data Overlaid in the .ppt File

Currently, slide shapes are rendered as one layer, and text as a second layer. This prevents shapes from being rendered on top of text, however this also allows text to overlap. (673624)

Resolved Issues

This section contains information about issues that have been resolved in Atalasoft DotImage since the prior release of this product.

Issues Resolved 10.7.0

  • [PdfDocument] Customer PDF has errors, throws PdfDoc exception on open - Repair throws
  • Customer PDF file throws error on open attempt and is not repaired using Repair functionality. (322859)
  • CalloutAnnotation not being read properly by PdfAnnotationDataImporter. (327283)
  • Customer document is missing all content when rendered in PdfReader. (585422)
  • Customer JPG throws error when attempting to add into a PDF with PDFGeneratedDocument. (556341)
  • Customer PDF causes PdfDocument to throw NotImplementedException when saving. (680416)
  • Customer PDF files open and save in PdfDocument without error, but when opening resulting PDF in Acrobat Reader. (321918)
  • Customer QR Barcodes do not read in 10.6 Barcoding.Reading, but Inlite's online demo and our own 9.0 Inlite reader does. (628537)
  • ImageType enum should be deprecated and GetImageInfo.ImageType should also have a note to this effect. (579159)
  • PDF Annotation Data Exporter- text annotation behavior. (571773)
  • Running this Pdf through PdfRepair and saving causes loss of content. (561788)
  • Saving the document twice in PdfDocument causes invalid output. (684672)
  • COD 5767 - Customer tiff displays as blank image in our viewer (704598)
  • COD 5589 - TIFF related components using signed int32 for pointers - causing 2GiB limit (697563)
  • WingScan service does not support multi-user environments (671791)
  • COD 5638 - PsdDecoder throwing exception when attempting to read customer's files (382731)
  • PdfTextPage.GetText() throws MemoryAccessException when reading text from pdf page with ligatures (712055)
  • FR 5644 - [DotPdf] - Expose additional properties in PdfSignatureInformation (709040)
  • FR 5625 - Update the activation wizard to open the evaluation request page if the license service request fails (709003)
  • COD 5600 - [TiffDecoder] Rendering Some non-blank pages as blank (700105)
  • COD 5596 - [WDV/WDT] large numbers of annotations on page significantly degrades performance / loading (700039)
  • Customer PDF throws error on open and repair (695978)
  • [WDV][PDF] A blank page appears after saving pdf file in the WDV (695430)
  • COD 5510 - [ISIS] - Fujitsu PaperStream driver hangs on close when buffer contains unprocessed scanned images (694828)
  • FR 5449 - WDV : Add showEditor() to WDV TextAnnotation objects so that users can invoke it programmatically (694793)
  • COD 5478 - [PdfDocument] - Customer PDF throws error on PdfDocument.Save. Repair prevents error but results in loss of content for 2 whole pages (691905)
  • NET x64 Jpeg2000 decoder throwing AccessViolationException when reading any Jpeg2000 image (691568)
  • COD 5477 - Customer PDF Fails to repair, throws error: "either JS or JSStream must be non- null" (690959)
  • [Rotation feature] [IE8] The text annotations do not rotate properly (687591)
  • COD 5594 - PdfTextBox Y position is ignored. Always placed at bottom of page in 10.6+ (685516)
  • PdfDocument.Save() is changing the color of the text in the last 2 pages of customer's PDF (Pdf looks fine in AcrobatReader and Foxit) (685513)
  • COD 5376 - Activation Wizard Request Evaluation sometimes fails to create eval licenses silently (685494)
  • [PdfDocument] Customer PDF throws exception upon PdfDocument.Save. Repair doesn't fix. (681688)
  • COD 5259 - AdvancedDocClean commands appear to have a memory leak (681532)
  • WDV annotation toolbar buttons do not work correctly with mouse in Chrome browser on Windows 8 with Touch enabled (680810)
  • Customer PDF displays with missing/incorrect characters (677362)
  • Customer TIFF with QR Code - Code reads in and earlier, does not read in and newer (677240)
  • OCR TextTranslator output places all text on a few lines when the input document is rotated 270 (677238)
  • Customer JPG throws error when attempting to add into a PDF with PDFGeneratedDocument (677230)
  • Customer document has two QR codes, one will read when thresholded with SimpleThreshold the other with DynamicThreshold (677228)
  • PdfDocument.Repair labels fixes in customer file as "minor" but results in entire pages being blank (677215)
  • "Unable to locate cross reference table" error when loading a PDF document (677015)
  • [WDV] The annotations are not selectable (676028)
  • COD 5221 - WebDocumentViewer regression, DragDrop no longer updates pages (674767)
  • COD 5214 - DotPDF regression, can no longer visually update PDF Form fields (674113)
  • COD 5213 - [PdfDocument] Customer pdf throws error when opening in PdfDocument - PdfDocument.Repair is unable to fix it (672606)
  • AutoColorCommand throws "Value of '-114' is not valid for 'red'" ArgumentException on two images (670829)
  • SDK installer fails if NET 2.0 is not installed (669249)
  • COD 5137 - PdfDocumentSigner does not return signature from customer's signed PDF (669149)
  • PdfTextpage.GetTextInBox() returns no text - even when given a valid box with text (667136)
  • COD 5092 - [WDT] - REGRESSION - Fast Scrolling in WDT causing large number of requests - fix from 562652 may have been regressed (665129)
  • OfficeAdapterDecoder: Trying to open any Excel 2013 xlsx with Excel 2013 installed throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException (662503)
  • COD 5015 - Customer RAW file does not render correctly with DotImage, but is supported by latest version of DCRAW (657219)
  • FR 4998 - [WDV] Add Mouse Tool type zooming similar to WAVWIV MouseToolType.ZoomArea (657206)
  • COD 5045 - [WDT] thumbnail overlap in certain conditions when using IE8 (656878)
  • COD 4800 - [WDT] scrolling in Chrome has incorrect behavior under certain circumstances (649408)
  • COD 4800 - WDV Toolbar's page num / total display is not updating on openUrl under some circumstances (649407)
  • COD 4800 - [WDV] FitToWidth acting incorrectly when forcepagefit: true under some conditions (649406)
  • COD 5235 - [PdfDecoder] Customer PDF with embedded annotations - annotations not rendering correctly (649102)
  • FR 4961 - Customer requests we support Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) in DotImage dlls (643713)
  • COD 5015 - RawDecoder not correctly reading customer .cr2 files ... DCRaw 9.26 reads correctly - need to update our RawDecoder (627331)
  • COD 5321 - Annotations in WebAnnotationViewer translate inexplicably depending on rotation angle (280878)

Issues Resolved 10.6.1

  • Missing Characters from PDFReader (643156)
  • PdfDecoder not honoring hidden layers (OCG) in PDF - Foxit Reader and Acrobat display the PDF correctly (641690)
  • [Java] Customer PDF files causing ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception from Jpedal (641369)
  • Rendering issue on Chrome (640681)
  • DotTwain scanning with ThreadingEnabled is causing a small gray box to appear during scanning (628578)
  • [WDV] better support for multi-dimension pages (627869)
  • [Java WDV] Latest Tomcat requires leading slash when mapping rel. paths in the server's root (623946)
  • WDV Horizontal Scroll not working when image is wider than viewer (622231)
  • Kofax.WebCapture.ScanWorker.exe not properly exiting when Chrome Closes – causing MSG_OPENDS errors for some scanners (614198)
  • Customer PDF has stream length errors that PdfDocument.Repair deems minor, but repaired file not opening in PdfDocument (611710)
  • Customer PDF with Forms taking far too long (45+ seconds) to save in PdfGeneratedDocument (611168)
  • PdfTextExtraction is skipping doubled letters/numbers in some documents in 10.5.2 and newer (609613)
  • WDT- Calling showPage(index) and scrollToThumb(index) as callback from openUrl causing incorrect behavior (608538)
  • WAV WebResources shipping with excanvas,js, but control is looking for excanvas-compressed.js (607646)
  • WDV/WDT Page Selection Logic causes incorrect page selection (607631)
  • Unable to override WpfAnnotationUI mouse events (607011)
  • OfficeDecoder extremely slow performance (606528)
  • PdfDecoder in JoltImage not passing Resolution along to AtalaImage (605600)
  • WDT / WDV stretching / squishing images when ImageRequested is being overridden (595503)
  • WpfPdfMarkupAnnotation not saving Rotation value when serializing (577835)
  • Customer tiff palette appears to be correct but is not being returned (562170)
  • Activation wizard produces offline activation XML in local culture (410880)
  • Current VS 2010 Help Installer on site does not appear to work (373900)
  • DocumentAnnotationViewer LoadAnnotationData doesn't update thumbnails (365810)
  • Specific combination of thresholding/deskew used in GlyphReaderEngine throws AccessViolation under .Net 4.0/x64 (359242)
  • Opening and saving this Pdf in PdfDocument creates visually incorrect output (325350)
  • Customer PDF throws Incorrect determined type for MLPdfDictionary exception even when running PdfDocument.Repair() (316078)
  • DocumentAnnotationViewer throws System.IO.IOException when quickly navigating between heavily annotated document pages (315196)
  • PDF displays an Atalasoft.PdfDoc.PdfException was unhandled error message. (282738)

Issues Resolved in Fix Pack

  • Loss of text / row in PDF form field (637003)
  • Text Box allows additional text lines to be added when back in edit mode at end of box, one row per save in .pdf (637002)
  • Text getting clipped off of PDF form field via .PDF (637001)
  • .PDF changes previously specified fonts (637000)
  • Text box overruns after save of PDF (636999)
  • Opening a second document breaks the clickable thumbs in the WebDocumentThumbnailer (635773)
  • WingScan trying to upload pages even though discard flag has been set in onImageAcquired (635396)
  • Web Annotation Viewer IE9/IE10 Compatibility (634986)
  • Text fails to display from form field when the text reaches the end of the box on flattened file (634966)
  • Multi Threading issues with RAW decoder (634672)
  • [WDT] Thumbnails from different size images in document not "BestFit" fitting into Thumbnails (631459)
  • [WDV] Loading XMP annotations where Layer.Visible = false is not honoring the visibility setting (so annotations are all visible) (625418)
  • WDV fires annotation moved event when the annotation hasn't moved (557852)
  • "Specified cast is not valid." error when opening JPEG files with invalid resolution information (EXIF tags) (557010)

Issues Resolved in Fix Pack

  • Support for rasterizing MS PowerPoint files in DotImage does not work (631203)
  • WDV: Annotations can disappear (630162)
  • [PdfDocument] Customer Pdf takes unreasonably long time to separate, output files sum total 1.49GiB from 8MiB input file (626142)
  • [WDV] zoom scaling "sticking" at 100% visually even though getZoom() shows > 1.0 zoom value (625900)
  • [WDV] not freeing up memory correctly (625845)
  • PdfDecoder x64 access violation customer PDF (621999)
  • Request to Add support for PowerPoint to DotImage (621146)
  • WDV pageborderwidth causing annotations to "clip" early on bottom and right edges of document (607560)
  • WDV setting a zoom level during viewer initialization does not work as expected (561087)

Issues Resolved in Fix Pack

  • WDV Pdf Fillable form - Multiline Text box displays/ interacts incorrectly (595087)
  • OfficeDecoder in DotImage 10.6 Alpha throws CodecException {"Unrecognized zip block signature."} (592760)
  • WDV- if fillable form fields on the same page have the same name we only load the first of the fields properly (584712)
  • PdfFillableForm save from WDV causing ChoiceWidgetAnnotations to not display proper selected choice in various readers (583889)
  • DotTwain Acquire hanging with ThreadingEnabled = True in and newer (565116)
  • Every time a new AtalaImage is created there is license checking code called from the AtalaImage constructor (552789)

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