Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK (11.1, Fix Pack 7) Release Notes

October 21, 2019 Atalasoft General

Problems Resolved in This Fix Pack

  • [PdfDocument] Some PDFs beginning with an invalid character are unreadable/unrepairable
  • [DotPdf] Corrupt Xref table can cause an infinite loop that exhausts system memory
  • Highlight annotation incorrectly starts a property change event
  • [WDV] Burn feature does not use rotation flag for pdf files
  • [DotPdf] 64-bit version of DotPdf incorrectly saves some multiple font  files
  • [WDV] PDF saving causes incorrect page sizes in some cases

Problems Resolved in Previous Fix Packs

  • [PdfDocument] Very slow to open, repair, and split some PDFs
  • Request to add OXPS (Open XPS) decoder to DotImage
  • [PdfDecoder] Not correctly creating appearances for AcroForms when the NeedAppearances flag is present if AP dictionary exists
  • [PdfDocument] Saving takes far too long on some documents
  • WCS JS API uses a deprecated feature to send web requests synchronously
  • [PdfDocument] Cannot open certain PDFs / "Repair" fails
  • [Pdf Annotations] Annotations exported/imported by the pdfannotationdataexporter grow in size
  • [PdfDecoder] Request to add support for transparent backgrounds
  • [PdfDocument] "Insufficient Data for an Image" error appears when PDF is opened in Acrobat Reader
  • [ABBYY] Formatting loss on RTF output files
  • [ABBYY] OCR results on ID card are poor
  • [PdfTranslator] Translation does not properly handle Unicode input text (such as Japanese Kanji)
  • [WDV] on IOS a long press on an annotation will bring up the context menu but neither option can be selected
  • [PdfDocument] PdfDocument and other classes reporting XML errors and refusing to open or repair
  • [WDT] Single select mode not visually following selected pages after first manual selection
  • [PDF]  PdfDocument throws NullReferenceException on saving a document with a repaired collection of pages
  • [PdfDocument] Intermittently creating non-compliant PDF/A when Linearizing
  • [BarCodeReader] Certain PDF-417 barcodes containing XML strings not read properly
  • [PdfGeneratedDocument] DynamicPdfTextbox does not honor Alignment propert
  • WebCapture installer is corrupting the Software Center
  • PdfAnnotationDataExporter-{Annotations placed out of bounds on PDF when media box has non-zero location}
  • [ABBYY] - High memory usage when processing multiple single-page documents
  • [PDF] TextAlignment flag in annotations being ignored
  • [WDV] LineAnnotation with Thick outlines and start/end cap arrows burn very badly
  • Scan error after switching from Color mode to Black and White
  • License without eVRS: results differ between Windows and macOS
  • [KTA] "Specified cast is not valid" error is thrown when processing attached TIFF files
  • [PdfDocument] opening/repairing certain PDFs throws exception - unable to repair
  • [PdfDocument] Combining certain PDFs results in altered content
  • [TiffDecoder] Customer images rendering with missing / oddly repeating content
  • [WDV] Polygon annotation is a supported type, but the toolbar button is missing
  • [WDV] Zoom in Chrome not working correctly

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Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK (11.1, Fix Pack 6) Release Notes

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