Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK (11.0, Fix Pack 11) Release Notes

November 1, 2018 Atalasoft General

Important Note

As of DotImage, the Foxit libraries are no longer included as a part of DotImage.
For more details please refer to Atalasoft KB article:

Problems Resolved in This Fix Pack

  • [Tutorial] NuGet Tutorial article is out of date and following it does not produce working application
  • [PdfDocument] Repair unable to repair customer PDF due to error in JS stream
  • [PdfTextDocument] not returning text properly in GetText(index, count) on some documents in most recent build
  • [AbbyyEngine] issues when encountering certain isolated Hebrew text
  • [PdfDocument] Customer PDFs throwing exception on open/repair
  • [PdfDocument] causing document corruption / loss of content on certain files
  • [EZTwain] LibTiff 4.0.8 vulnerabilities - must update
  • [Veracode] Flaw 2467 Cleartext Storage of Sensitive Information in Memory
  • [Veracode] Flaw 2460 Cleartext Storage of Sensitive Information in Memory

Problems Resolved in Previous Fix Packs

  • [TiffDecoder] System.AccessViolationException thrown on reading some frames
  • [PdfIum] SystemAccessViolation when attempting to corupted PDF 
  • [Tesseract3Engine] Throws uncatchable System.AccessViolationException when encountering images with "busy" areas (halftone shading)
  • [PdfIum] SystemAccessViolation when attempting to render certain PDFs
  • [PdfDocument] COD 8876 Repair causes data loss on certain PDFs
  • [Pdfium] Pdf file does not decode the same way it is shown in Adobe or Foxit
  • [PdfIum] PdfDecoder not properly rendering annotations on save
  • "Unexpected internal error" when using _ProcessMRZDoc_ on back of ID
  • Abbyy- OCRing file to RTF is causing text format to be lost}
  • [WCS] Support automatic document source detection when scanning
  • [PdfDecoder] Pdfium decoder throwing WrongPasswordException where Foxit does not
  • Tiff documents are not getting ingest via mailbox
  • [Pdf417BarcodeWriter] Problem in codewords generation causing incorrect data to be encoded
  • WebDocumentViewer- Documentation incorrectly lists Custom Annotations under supported annotation types
  • WCS is unable to scan color images using HP Scanjet 3000 s2 TWAIN
  • [BarCodeReader] CODEBAR symbology not reading accurately
  • [NuGet] Atalasoft.dotImage.FormsPrcessing (x86 and x64) missing from NuGet
  • [AbbyyEngine] When ParrallelProcessing is enabled Translate does not correctly output a searchable PDF
  • [WCS] WCS does not work correctly under newer Citrix Receiver
  • Inconsistent behavior with low DPI images
  • Scanning fails using Xerox WorkCentre 3325
  • Licensing system not identifying ASP .NET Core as .NET applications
  • Confidence values returned by abbyy are much lower than glyphreader
  • WDV : Multiselect feature for the Web Document Thumbnailer
  • [PdfDocument] Saving certain PdfDocument is causing landscape page to improperly crop to portrait
  • [PdfDocument] Throws error on save - repair crashes with InvalidCastException - unable to repair
  • [DotTwain] CreateDeviceSession not working correctly in newer Citrix Receiver
  • BarcodeReader: Attempting to read an image for DataMatrix when not present
  • PdfTextDocument] Crashing with System.AccessViolationException in 11.0
  • [WDV] Double click to edit Text annotation is not working properly
  • [WDV] Document Stream Written event is not fire when PDF documents are used
  • [WDV] Save events do not fire when annotations are disabled
  • [DicomDecoder] Customer image throws exception when attempting to read with DicomDecoder
  • [SegmentedTextTranslator] certain documents can cause 100% CPU utilization if BlockDetection is used
  • Upload File not working in the Kofax Web Capture Demo
  • [PdfDocument] Documents that fail to open (Missing Xref Table) throw Invalid character in Hex string: ? at offset xxx on Repair
  • [pdf repair] pdf repair encounter exception for some documents - Unable to rebuild damaged PDF. DotPdf encountered an unrecoverable error.
  • [PdfDocument.Repair] Xref tables can't be rebuilt without restoring orphaned pages - causing corruption of customer PDFs
  • [TiffDecoder] System.AccessViolationException thrown on reading some frames
  • [WDV/WDT] Very tall images causing Web Process Crash (System.AccessViolationException)
  • Saving PdfDocument removes text string on resulting document
  • [Jpeg2000] New 11.0 Jpeg2000 dlls forcing dependency on VS2005 C++ runtimes which are totally out of support
  • Improper Resource Shutdown or Release (CWE ID 404) #6
  • Improper Resource Shutdown or Release (CWE ID 404) #5
  • Improper Resource Shutdown or Release (CWE ID 404) #4
  • KTA7.3.2 - Core Worker Service crashed when importing jp2 file in the email attachment
  • Insufficient Entropy (CWE ID 331) #1
  • Unchecked Error Condition (CWE ID 391) #1
  • Improper Resource Shutdown or Release (CWE ID 404) #3
  • Improper Resource Shutdown or Release (CWE ID 404) #2
  • Improper Resource Shutdown or Release (CWE ID 404) #1
  • Insecure Temporary File (CWE ID 377) #2
  • Insecure Temporary File (CWE ID 377) #1
  • Improper Restriction of XML External Entity Reference ('XXE') (CWE ID 611) #2
  • Improper Restriction of XML External Entity Reference ('XXE') (CWE ID 611) #1
  • Use of a Broken or Risky Cryptographic Algorithm (CWE ID 327) #11
  • Insufficient Entropy (CWE ID 331) #4
  • Insufficient Entropy (CWE ID 331) #3
  • Insufficient Entropy (CWE ID 331) #2
  • Improper Neutralization of Special Elements used in an OS Command ('OS Command Injection')
  • Calling PdfEncoder with Mode = PdfCompressionMode.Segmented throws exception on customer image
  • KTA 7.4.1: Canon DR-X10C TWAIN- A3 papers are cut off when scanning with profile paper size = maximum size
  • [WDV][WDT] Drawing of annotations works incorrectly when WDT is located in main browser window while WDV is located in child popup window
  • Thumbnails 404 Error when uploading/scanning Large files
  • Memory leak in Tesseract3 OcrEngine
  • [TiffDecoder] Tiff images with CCITT 1D (RLE) compression are not reading correctly
  • [Jp2Encoder] Setting WaveletFilterMethod to FiveThree causes encoder to throw exception on save
  • Value was either too large or too small for an unsigned byte.
  • [WebAnnotationViewer],[WebImageViewer],[WebThumbnailViewer] Web Resource files (extracted scripts etc) are mssing from 11.0
  • field transparency cannot be maintained after writing to the field programmatically
  • PDF generated using SyncFusion API are being corrupted by PdfDocument
  • DotTwain- ExtendedImageInfo not firing while using TWSX_FILE
  • OfficeDecoder throwing "Page limit exceeded" on large RTF files when getting page count
  • [WDV] Autoscale option of text annotation is not preserved during saving.
  • [DotTwain] Unable to handle DataType TW_HANDLE per TWAIN 2.1 spec
  • [WDV] atalaWebDocumentViewer.js clipboard code as anonymous module interferes with other dependencies
  • PdfReader doesn't respect default state for optional content groups
  • [OfficeDecoder] Extra empty page appears in output file as some content “moves” to the next page on the document
  • Invalid PDF property value is causing an exception when saving PDF
  • AutoCad stamp annotations cannot be parsed correctly
  • [Abbyy] ABBYY Engine properties remain unset during page text analysis
  • [DotTwain] Cancelling a scan leaves driver in unexpected state with Paperstream driver
  • [WDV] Text annotation not respecting align property
  • [WDV] Selecting all Annotations in a document causes 'Cannot read property '_index' of null'
  • [EZTwain] TWAIN_SetCustomDataFromFile fails if called a second time in same application if the device is VRS Elite
  • ADA tags are switched off when PDF files are saved with linearization tag

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Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK (11.0, Fix Pack 10) Release Notes

Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK (11.0, Fix Pack 10) Release Notes

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