Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK (10.7, Fix Pack 8) Release Notes

April 4, 2017 Atalasoft General

Problems Resolved in This Fix Pack

  • [PdfDocument] Customer PDF throws exception on save. Repair causes different exception. Unable to save/repair.
  • WebDocumentViewer thumbnails cannot be selected in Chrome on certain mobile devices

Problems Fixed in Previous Fix Packs

  • [TiffDecoder] Customer images cause TiffDecoder to throw SEHException
  • [AdvancedDocClean] LineRemovalCommand throwing uncatchable System.AccessViolationException on some images, crashing the hosting process
  • [AbbyyEngine] OcrTableRegion.Cells are not being populated
  • WebDocumentViewer getDocumentInfo does not reflect call to removePage
  • Using Repair on specific PDFs causing exception in latest version
  • [MVC] Atalasoft.dotImage.WebControls.MVC missing (both x86 and x64) from NuGet libraries
  • [WDV] Async methods may cause console errors during/after browser page refresh
  • Multipage PDF pages reference resources from previous pages when saved using PdfDocument.Save
  • Invalid PDF property value is causing an exception when saving PDF
  • [PdfAnnotationDataExporter] Incorrectly overwrites preceding layers when saving to a specific layer with OverwriteExistingAnnotations = true
  • Fairly clean PDF417 barcode doesn't read
  • Customer DWG file is missing images when rendered in our DwgDecoder
  • WebDocumentViewer calls Response.End which triggers ThreadAbortException
  • PdfDocument.Repair for certain malformed links may be removing more than needed to repair
  • [PdfTextDocument] Text extraction results missing content when used on some documents
  • WinForms ThumbnailView/FolderThumbnailView SelectedIndexChanged fires twice when SelectionMode = ThumbnailSelectionMode.MultiSelect
  • Customer file throws System.AccessViolationException when RawDecoder is registered
  • Tooltip flickers with WinForms AnnotateViewer even with mouse still
  • [PdfGeneratedDocument]PdfTextLine ignoring values for FillColor and OutlineColor passed in via constructor
  • [PdfDocument] Some PDF files throw StackOverflowException when opened in PdfDocument
  • [PdfDocument] OverflowException when opening some PDFs with PdfDocument / PdfAnnotationDataImporter
  • PdfAnnotationDataExporter Export/ExportOver single layer overload always saves to first page
  • WebDocumentThumbnailer: Scrollbar is not updated correctly when tabular: true set
  • Customer reported race condition/non-threadsafe behavior in Logger
  • Customer tiffs fail to open with "Colourspace conversion not supported"
  • 755266:WDV - Opening non-relative web root paths causes WDV save to fail
  • [PdfDocument] Adobe Acrobat is unable to read pdf file without errors if we add the new page into document several times.
  • Page rotate returns error when rotating first page on load
  • WebDocumentViewer Rotate method only updates if page is visible
  • [OfficeDecoder] Office files being rendered at default DPI (96 on most systems) regardless of decoder Resolution setting
  • [PdfEncoder] Saving large files (large number of pages) with PdfCompressionMode.Segmented produces Out of Memory exception
  • [BarCodeReader] DataMatrix barcode reading is very slow
  • PdfCompressionMode.Segmented forces grayscale images to black and white and this behavior isn't documented
  • Customer PDF is damaged by open/save in PdfDocument
  • [OfficeDecoder] Some office files rendered with missing content in table headers
  • Behavior change in WDV 10.7 with AnnotationStreamWritten event
  • WDV regression in loading annotations
  • [DotTwain] HP scanners DeviceEvent cause device.State to enter an invalid state
  • Barcoding.Reading.BarcodeReader not reading customer codes that it should
  • 10.7 WDV changes have broken WingScan-only licensing
  • [PdfAnnotationDataExporter] EmbeddedImageAnnotation causing significant file size increase in target PDF
  • BarCodeReader] - Customer images with PDF-417 barcodes that read in other engines fail to read in our BarCodeReader
  • [BarCodeReader] Current BarCodeReader engine fails to read full content of barcode that the older 9.x (Inlite) engine reads
  • [PdfDocument] Customer PDF Throws PdfException regarding MLPdfLabColorSpace - Repair Says Success, but All Content Missing

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Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK (10.7, Fix Pack 9) Release Notes

Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK (10.7, Fix Pack 9) Release Notes

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Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK (10.7, Fix Pack 7) Release Notes

Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK (10.7, Fix Pack 7) Release Notes

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