Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK (10.6, Service Pack 1, Fix Pack 8) Release Notes

June 6, 2016 Atalasoft General

Problems Resolved in This Fix Pack

  • PdfTextPage.GetText() throws MemoryAccessException when reading text from pdf page with ligatures
  • [DotPdf] - Expose additional properties in PdfSignatureInformation
  • Update the activation wizard to open the evaluation request page if the license service request fails

Problems Fixed in Previous Fix Packs

  • [TiffDecoder] Rendering Some non-blank pages as blank
  • [WDV/WDT] large numbers of annotations on page significantly degrades performance / loading
  • Customer PDF throws error on open and repair
  • [WDV][PDF] A blank page appears after saving pdf file in the WDV
  • [ISIS] - Fujitsu PaperStream driver hangs on close when buffer contains unprocessed scanned images
  • WDV: Add showEditor() to WDV TextAnnotation objects so that users can invoke it programmatically
  • [PdfDocument] - Customer PDF throws error on PdfDoucment.Save. Repair prevents error but results in loss of content for 2 whole pages
  • NET x64 Jpeg2000 decoder throwing AccessViolationException when reading any Jpeg2000 image
  • Customer PDF Fails to repair, throws error: "either JS or JSStream must be non-null"
  • [Rotation feature] [IE8] The text annotations do not rotate properly
  • PdfTextBox Y position is ignored. Always placed at bottom of page in 10.6+
  • PdfDocument.Save() is changing the color of the text in the last 2 pages of customer's PDF (Pdf looks fine in AcrobatReader and Foxit)
  • Activation Wizard Request Evaluation sometimes fails to create eval licenses silently
  • [PdfDocument] Customer PDF throws exception upon PdfDocument.Save. Repair doesn't fix.
  • AdvancedDocClean commands appear to have a memory leak
  • WDV annotation toolbar buttons do not work correctly with mouse in Chrome browser on Windows 8 with Touch enabled
  • Customer PDF displays with missing/incorrect characters 
  • Customer TIFF with QR Code - Code reads in and earlier, does not read in and newer
  • OCR TextTranslator output places all text on a few lines when the input document is rotated 270 
  • Customer JPG throws error when attempting to add into a PDF with PDFGeneratedDocument 
  • Customer document has two QR codes, one will read when thresholded with SimpleThreshold the other with DynamicThreshold
  • PdfDocument.Repair labels fixes in customer file as "minor" but results in entire pages being blank 
  • "Unable to locate cross reference table" error when loading a PDF document 
  • [WDV] The annotations are not selectable
  • WebDocumentViewer regression, DragDrop no longer updates pages 
  • DotPDF regression, can no longer visually update PDF Form fields 
  • [PdfDocument] Customer pdf throws error when opening in PdfDocument - PdfDocument.Repair is unable to fix it   
  • Clone for 10.6.x: AutoColorCommand throws "Value of '-114' is not valid for 'red'" ArgumentException on two images
  • SDK installer fails if NET 2.0 is not installed 
  • PdfDocumentSigner does not return signature from customer's signed PDF
  • PdfTextpage.GetTextInBox() returns no text - even when given a valid box with text  
  • [WDT] - REGRESSION - Fast Scrolling in WDT causing large number of requests - fix from 562652 may have been regressed
  • OfficeAdapterDecoder: Trying to open any Excel 2013 xlsx with Excel 2013 installed throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException
  • Customer RAW file does not render correctly with DotImage, but is supported by latest version of DCRAW
  • [WDV] Add Mouse Tool type zooming similar to WAVWIV MouseToolType.ZoomArea
  • [WDT] thumbnail overlap in certain conditions when using IE8
  • [WDT] scrolling in Chrome has incorrect behavior under certain circumstances
  • WDV Toolbar's page num / total display is not updating on openUrl under some circumstances
  • [WDV] FitToWidth acting incorrectly when forcepagefit: true under some conditions
  • [PdfDecoder] Customer PDF with embedded annotations - annotations not rendering correctly
  • Customer requests we support Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) in DotImage dlls
  • RawDecoder not correctly reading customer .cr2 files ... DCRaw 9.26 reads correctly - need to update our RawDecoder
  • Annotations in WebAnnotationViewer translate inexplicably depending on rotation angle

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Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK (10.6, Service Pack 1, Fix Pack 9) Release Notes

Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK (10.6, Serice Pack 1, Fix Pack 9) Release Notes

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Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK (10.6, Service Pack 1, Fix Pack 7) Release Notes

Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK (10.6, Service Pack 1, Fix Pack 7) Release Notes

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