Mobile SDK: Atalasoft MobileImage Release Notes 3.4.0

December 31, 2018 Atalasoft General

About this release

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Version Information

The build number for Mobile SDK is, which appears in the versions.txt file included in the delivered product.

New Features

The following features were added for this release:

  • Improved blur detection.
  • HTML5 iOS Advanced Capture: Now available in iOS 11 and later. As with Android, iOS now enables documents to be captured automatically with proper guidance messages.
  • HTML5 Selfie Capture Experience: Now assists with taking selfies automatically. After identifying the face, selfie capture experience guides user to move the face to center or near the camera. The eye blink is detected to identify the liveliness and selfie is captured automatically.
  • Quick Extractor: A new API to extract either bar code or MRZ data, and a face image from the ID
    documents. This approach works faster than On-Device Extractor and does not require models, but it is only suitable when all the data the user is interested in is stored in bar code or MRZ.

Diagnostic information on image capture screen

You can now display diagnostic information on the image capture, which includes the following:

  • If the image is focused.
  • Stability status, including value and threshold.
  • Camera resolution.
  • If the camera is level.
  • Pitch and roll, including the threshold for each.

PhoneGap support enhancements

The following features have been added to PhoneGap to improve compatibility and consistency.

  • Functions are now available to access the XVRS image processing API.
  • Cordova 8.0 is now supported.

Deprecated features

The following features were deprecated for this release.

Deprecated HTML5 APIs

For the KfxWebSDK image processor, autoCrop has been deprecated.

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