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Page 0 of 1 Turn mobile devices into advanced, production- quality information-capture devices. Off ering autocapture technology that is perfect for mobile document processing, Atalasoft MobileImage ™ allows you to easily add document capture, image processing, and barcode recognition to iOS or Android apps. Our SDKs are backed by a technical developer support team to help you along the way. Image Processing Controls • On-device image perfection: process and send images that are only 30-50 KB in size, instead of 3-5 MB. • Auto controls available to the developer through patented eVRS cleanup tools: - Deskew / Crop - Orientation - Scaling - DPI Mapping / resolution - Thresholding - Image normalization - Noise removal • Results in higher OCR rates, less manual processes, and a better app experience. Patented Image Capture Perfection • Complete control over the capture of documents and images with UI controls • Fewer retakes: choice of photo mode or video capture to snap your document. Automatically eliminate issues with blur, jitter, and shifting. • Get a perfect image - the fi rst time, every time - ensuring data can be extracted properly for superior results and satisfi ed users • Torch Mode to prevent sudden light source from over-exposing • Auto-cleaned images, manageable fi le size • Native capture on-device: - Single Page - Multi-Page - Batch - Mixed Sizes / Documents - MICR • Developer-controlled focus areas Image enabling experts & bacon connoisseurs | 1- 866-568-0129 x1 (toll free) | 1- 413-572- 4443 x1 (international) SPEC SHEET Supported Platforms • iOS • Android • PhoneGap For support in desktop or web-based .NET, see our other developer libraries Barcode Recognition • Two controls for reading barcodes: one that fi nds a live barcode in real-time, and one for getting all barcodes on a captured image. • Reads barcodes natively on the device • Use the data to deliver more eff ective customer engagement apps and solutions • Supports all common 1-D and 2-D barcodes

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