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Page 0 of 1 .NET PDF SDK to Generate and Manipulate PDF Documents in your Applications With DotPdf ® you have the ability to generate PDFs from scratch or manipulate the pages of existing PDF fi les. DotPdf is licensed per developer with royalty free deployment options and backed by our remarkable in- house phone and web support. PDF Generation • Data-to-image Transformation - Take raw data and a PDF template to create presentation-quality display images, procedurally and in real-time. Useful for invoices, forms, and mail merges. • Customized PDF - Use our SDK to create dynamic content that changes based on the recipient of a PDF • Edit PDF - Add additional drawing elements to a pre-existing PDF programmatically, like adding a watermark or a logo change Form Utilities • PDF Form Auto Fill - If you already know information about a user; put that information into the fi elds before serving the form, saving your users time and energy • Custom Forms - Only present the fi elds of information to a user that your system doesn't already know • Automatic Workfl ow Forms - PDF can contain JavaScript to submit form data directly to a web service. Our tools make this simple to generate • Filled Form Data Extraction - Get a dictionary of form fi elds from a fi lled PDF form PDF Signature Annotations • Contract e-Signing - With a digital signature, users can sign a docoument - both physically with an image and digitally with a certifi cate • Outgoing Documents - Prove authenticity of outgoing PDF with a signature of a signing manager and the company's certifi cate Image enabling experts & bacon connoisseurs | 1- 866-568-0129 x1 (toll free) | 1- 413-572- 4443 x1 (international) SPEC SHEET eSignatures & Document Security • PDF Passwords - Secure your PDF with two passwords, one for viewing and one for editing • PDF Signing - Prevent changes and prove authenticity of a document sent as part of a workfl ow. Allow users to change only the parts of a document that they need to complete the workfl ow Document Management • Page Rearrangement - Receive pages in a collection object for easy rearrangement • Document Combination - Easily combine documents with a single function call

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