Writing Code 39 Barcodes with Javascript

April 25, 2008 Lou Franco

I previously showed how easy it is to generate Code 39 Barcodes using DotImage, now I want to show you how to do it in pure JavaScript.

I wanted to make it easy to deploy so I don't use images. Luckily, 1D barcodes are easy to make with just colored table cells, so I just generate a one row table with a column for each bar.  I set the width of the column to be the width of the bar and then color it either black or white.

Here's a page where you generate barcodes with just JavaScript. The code is attached to this entry.

To use it, just add Barcode.js to your site, include it in a script tag, then use the AtalasoftBarcode39 object to draw the barcode (there is a file called BarcodeTest.html in the zip file to show an example).  Here's some sample code:

    function writeBC(s)
        var bc = new AtalasoftBarcode39(s);
        document.getElementById('bcArea').innerHTML =
            bc.getBarcode(50, 2, 8);



The three arguments to getBarcode are the height and the widths of the narrow bars, and the width of the wide bars.


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