The Louisiana Purchase Viewed via AJAX

Envoc saves the State of Louisiana lots of money with their custom ECM application

THE Louisiana State Land Office was spending around $29,000 USD per year in IBM FileNet and consultancy support fees. They hired Louisiana-based Envoc to create some custom software to replace their expensive legacy ECM system.

Louisiana State needed to save some money:

The State of Louisiana’s Office of State Lands has about 2.5 million pages of documents (old maps, tax documents and receipts dating back to the Louisiana Purchase).  These documents were stored in an IBM FileNet document repository that was slow to navigate, had a lot of technical dependencies, and was very expensive to maintain.  They needed a custom solution.

Enter Envoc. Who are they?

Envoc is a software development company with in-depth knowledge of Document Management that writes customized software solutions for its clients.  They integrate with various ERP and document management systems, and create custom-developed applications for internal and external, web- and mobile-based consumers.  They are transitioning into a company that sells software as a service (SaaS) and package software for businesses.

What did they create with Atalasoft DotImage®?

Envoc created a publicly available web front end to those 2.5 million scanned images of Louisiana’s State Land Office. It’s a Historical and Tax Document Management search and retrieval application that leverages Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2.0 and C#.

For the public web front end, Envoc used DotImage for its:

  • AJAX ASP.NET Image &  Thumbnail Viewer
  • AJAX Annotations
  • Rotate, Pan, Zoom controls
  • Export to PDF, TIFF

Envoc was able to make an application that supports thousands of users with any modern internet browser.  There is nothing for the client to install (plug-ins, etc).

How did they do it?

"It was quite easy given the newer technology available, a little research, and a great reputation,” said Calvin Fabre, Director of Client Education at Envoc. “By leveraging Atalasoft’s DotImage solution, we were able to provide a secure, scalable, recoverable, maintainable, and fast solution to Louisiana constituents.”

The Result

Envoc ended up saving the State of Louisiana lots of money and the new system is serving up almost three terabytes of images through a completely web-based interface. Marty Beasley of the Louisiana Office of State Lands says: “ The state is saving thousands of dollars per year and serving its constituents faster than ever ... Our software maintenance cost went from about $7,500 annually to less than $300.”

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