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Atalasoft DotImage Powers a Second Generation Imaging Solution for the Legal Industry

Thomson Elite, part of the Thomson Corporation (NYSE: TOC), is a premier provider of financial, practice and knowledge management systems to the legal industry and other professional services markets, including accounting, engineering, marketing services, management and IT consulting. Thomson Elite’s integrated solutions use state-of-the-art technology and advanced features to automate critical front-office and back-office operations, and to facilitate the management of information assets for the $1.3 billion legal and professional services that they serve. Thomson Elite’s development team chose the Atalasoft DotImage toolkit to power their imaging solution for the legal industry. 

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Thomson Elite’s solution, Image Connect, is a second generation imaging application that improves record management and reduces cost at law firms by separating data entry processing from image scanning. Through the use of the barcode recognition technology with Atalasoft’s DotImage platform, images can be easily identified and associated to transactions by adding the bar code as an additional data element for the transaction. Separation of data entry process and image scanning allows law firms to outsource or reduce priority of image scanning while maintaining the integrity of image association to transactions thereby achieving all-round efficiency. The efficiency is further achieved by the introduction of batch scanning, fully supported by DotImage.


A requirement of the project was a migration of Image Connect from a COMOM solution to a true .NET platform that supported both a thin-client web application and rich client Windows application. The migration took less than one year including all planning, development, implementation, and training. The end result is a web service enabled solution that allows enterprise applications to add, retrieve or edit images to their transactions. Particularly useful was Atalasoft’s AJAX-enabled, zero-footprint thin client image viewer which provided enterprise users with the ability to view, edit, and process images using nothing more than a web browser.

"Using Atalasoft’s DotImage toolkit, we are offering a single yet scalable and flexible imaging solution to our customers, enabling them to utilize Image Connect across multiple applications as their needs change."

Most companies aim to satisfy their customers. Some go farther, dedicating themselves to their customers’ success. A few define success as bringing to the world innovations that make a lasting difference. A handful build trusted, long-term relationships with their employees, partners and their industries at large. Thomson Elite has chosen to live at the intersection of these values, enabling the company to prosper, to provide rewarding careers, and to be an innovative and trusted partner for many of the world’s most successful professional services organizations. Atalasoft enabled us to continue our commitment to these values.


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