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INFOCON develops custom county government software with Atalasoft DotImage

INFOCON CORPORATION is an on line service provider and software developer for county government offices and private industry in Pennsylvania. Founded in 1976 in Ebensburg, PA, they also supply customized computer forms, printing supplies, and computer products to their primary customers in county government. INFOCON’s services include scanning and document imaging, printing services, mailing services, and off site backup with data warehousing services.

With more than 400 government offices and many private businesses as customers, INFOCON became interested in modernizing their products to better meet their customers’ needs.

Garth Daniels, software developer at INFOCON Corporation, explained the motivation to make the switch to Atalasoft. “We work off an IBM System i mainframe.  We had another imaging solution in place, but we needed a solution that could be web based.”  The technology INFOCON utilizes, like many other companies, is evolving into more modern programming, and they needed a solution they could easily integrate.

Atalasoft’s DotImage SDK was the clear choice in modernizing their product offerings. For nearly ten years Atalasoft has provided imaging libraries to help software developers like INFOCON Corporation build document scanning, viewing, and processing into their applications. Atalasoft reduces development time and eliminates expenses by offering fixed-price royalty-free licensing for many of our products. Atalasoft also specializes in zero-footprint imaging technologies, allowing applications to be more competitive, easier to use, and 100% web-based.

Out with the old, in with the new

INFOCON had long used the IBM i Series Mainframe. The i Series is designed to work with IBM related products and uses its RPG language. However, INFOCON utilizes a .NET language. “It was very difficult and cumbersome to call RPG based programming from windows platforms.  We use primarily a .NET program, and the setup was just inefficient,” said Daniels.  “It’s possible but not ideal.”

Atalasoft’s DotImage SDK was an ideal solution for many reasons. “It’s pretty much platform independent.  We can use it in Java or any .NET programs. I was locked into RPG before, and that just doesn’t work for us.”  Using Atalasoft freed INFOCON from an inefficient process that cost a lot of time and effort.


Oftentimes, implementing a software solution can be a stressful endeavor.  Not so with Atalasoft’s flagship product, the DotImage SDK.  DotImage powers over 2000 document management, ECM, and EMR applications built by independent software vendors, systems integrators, and enterprises deployed to millions of end users worldwide.  

INFOCON still uses the IBM System i for data, so a query is run in those data files and display images are obtained from there.  “We started off small with just a viewer and went from there.  The set up is very easy to use,” said Daniels.  Now INFOCON reports they are rapidly adding functionality to their product line. “We’re constantly growing, said Daniels. “We’re getting into searchable PDFs and wrapping everything into one package to modernize our products.”

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Daniels also had good things to say about how easy Atalasoft’s SDK was to use.
“We’ve experimented with other tools but we found Atalasoft’s SDK to be very straightforward. They have great examples on their website, and then you can take it from there.  Some competitors just throw a manual at you. Atalasoft’s info is cut and dried; it’s just simple and works.” Daniels thinks this is an especially good feature for users who are new to imaging.

Low Risk, High Returns

The move to Atalasoft has been a windfall for INFOCON, as the Return on Investment is “extremely high.”  Daniels says realizing a positive ROI is “pretty much guaranteed” for anyone taking the step to Atalasoft.  One of the factors weighing into the high ROI is Atalasoft’s fixed price royalty-free policy. With propriety technologies, licensing can eat up a budget and cost administrative time.  Atalasoft doesn’t have the traditionally high licensing costs associated with a lot of proprietary technologies, which only means a huge savings for INFOCON, and it’s customers.

Not only does licensing cost money, but the administrative headaches of licensing cannot be emphasized enough.  Daniels listed this as one of the most valuable aspects of moving to Atalasoft.  “The big thing that we’re really pleased with is not buying a license for every user.” With Atalasoft’s solution, INFOCON Corporation can deploy an unlimited number of projects without the hassle of purchasing licenses for each user.  With over 400 clients, users change frequently, and the administrative burden was prohibitive.

“It’s precisely why we left the last company we were working with,” said Daniels.

“Users change too often to manage this.  If there is a product that doesn’t charge for simple viewing and scanning I’m going for it.”  

INFOCON Corporation clients benefit too

Using the Atalasoft DotImage SDK in their products helps INFOCON remain competitive in the larger marketplace.  Budgets remain tight for both private sector and county governments. With licensing fees becoming prohibitively expensive, passing on the cost of licensing just doesn’t work. This is especially true of more rural counties, where budgetary money is very hard to find.  Instead, these small counties will just make do with what they have, even if the solution is antiquated.  With Atalasoft’s royalty free fixed price licensing, county governments, school districts and municipal government recordkeeping can modernize without a huge price tag.  The improvement in software function alone saves counties money.  Modernizing recordkeeping reduces paper. Complex files containing images like real estate transactions, judicial files, and firearms licensing files can all be sent electronically, eliminating the need to physically transport the files from facility to facility.  This saves counties the time and expense to transport, and brings their systems up to speed with current technology.


Overall Daniels is very pleased with Atalasoft’s DotImage SDK and the results it has brought to INFOCON Corporation.  The low cost, royalty free licensing, the ease of deployment, and the platform independent nature of the product allows them to provide better products for their customers and modernize their offerings. “Atalasoft gave us the ability to add to our product line.  We can create small, simple, image enabled applications to handle customer tasks for our customers as well as in house needs.”


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