Case Study: Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC.

Atalasoft MobileImage SDK Powers Hy Cite’s New Proof Of Concept Mobile App

Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC, founded in 1959, sells high end cookware and house ware products, via a network of more than 4,000 independent distributors. Originally selling to customers primarily in the U.S., Hy Cite has experienced tremendous growth in recent years - first in Mexico, and now, with expansion throughout South America, including Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Columbia. To drive sales, Hy Cite offers financing to customers for their products.

“We’ve always operated on a direct sales model,” said Jesse Brud, Hy Cite IT Manager of Enterprise Development.  “Because our products, and their cooking methods, are unique sales conversion is so much higher when they are demonstrated for you. Direct sales is the method this company was founded on.”

The Hy Cite ordering and sales process is very manual with written forms for sales and financing. Over the years, the Hy Cite IT team has built a robust IT infrastructure designed around fax technology. Distributors fax sales and financing forms to Hy Cite, and a data entry team inputs the information into Hy Cite’s back-end ordering and financial systems for processing.

Integrating Mobile Apps and Technology - Gradually

“The majority of our systems are heavily customized or custom built,” Brud said. “While we have become very efficient with the tools we have built and implemented, it takes a lot of manpower to process the volume of orders we receive each week.”

Ultimately, Brud and his Hy Cite IT team plan a mobile ordering system with a Hy Cite custom app that distributors can use to capture ordering and financing information via forms. However, Hy Cite first wanted to build a mobile app that utilized the existing image-based IT system.

Brud and his team began planning a proof of concept mobile app.

“In order to support our emerging South American markets where we aren’t investing in fax infrastructure, we knew we wanted it to capture images - order forms, financing forms, and ID documents related to the financing. Those images will stream into our current system for data processing.”

When Brud and his team build a forms-based mobile app in the future for recording ordering and financing information, they will still need image capture technology integrated into the app for the ID and employment documents needed for the financing process. Hy Cite knew their proof of concept mobile app could give them valuable insight into the image capture technology from mobile devices.

Atalasoft MobileImage SDK Is The Mobile Image Capture Tech That Hy Cite Needed

Brud discovered Atalasoft’s technology via multiple online searches for a plug-in or SDK with the image capture technology that Hy Cite needed for the proof of concept app it was building.

“Atalasoft’s MobileImage SDK will enable our distributors to easily capture and  import images from the app into our current workflow and system,” Brud said.  


Hy Cite has now built the proof of concept mobile app and will soon begin testing the app in the field with a small group of Hy Cite distributors.

Brud has been happy with his experiences working with Atalasoft. “When we have technical questions or have even requested source code, they’ve been really responsive and great to work with.”

Brud and his team have begun work on a production-level app, including multi-language functionality.

“I’m confident that by end of 2016 it will be available to all of our distributors,” Brud said.


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