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Core Medical Solutions creates solutions that enhance healthcare delivery and responsiveness

Health service providers are tasked with providing higher standards of care to increasing numbers of patients in the face of tight labor markets and tighter budgets - a challenge faced around the globe. Clinicians are now forced to spend more time generating, chasing and digesting documentation than ever before. Core Medical Solutions Logo

Core Medical Solutions of Australia saw the need for clinician involvement in the design and development of electronic applications that would actually allow more time with patients and less time chasing paper. Founded in 2001 to deliver industry leading electronic solutions for the information management needs of all healthcare professionals, and armed with a unique understanding of the exact needs of clinicians, Core Medical Solutions has created proprietary solutions that enhance healthcare delivery and responsiveness, and increase cost efficiencies. Their tag line sums up their mission nicely: “World leading solutions designed by clinicians for clinicians.”
Core Medical Solutions product suite, BOSSnet is designed for small to medium sized hospitals in Australia. BOSSnet products are entirely geared towards improving information management for clinicians. BOSSnet features broadly include:  

  • Order entry (CPOE)
  • Digital Medical record (scanned paper and direct electronic input)
  • Clinical protocols
  • Medications Management

Dr. Rohan Ward, Managing Director and co founder of Core Medical Solutions wanted to grow their product line’s functionality.  “The key component of our software that utilizes Atalasoft is our scanned medical record.  Prior to working with Atalasoft we were using a number of alternative image management tools, but until we were able to identify and use the Atalasoft components we were unable to complete our development lifecycle to sales.  Our software functionality has evolved over the last 12 years.  We began development on the scanned medical record component 6 years ago.”

"Simple features and price points have [Atalasoft] far ahead of any other products."

A history of success with Atalasoft products
Core Medical Solutions has been using Atalasoft solutions since 2007, when they started working with Atalasoft’s ImgX imaging toolkit for ActiveX along with the ISIS component.  Dr. Ward described these initial choices as “no brainers for us.”  Ward explained, “simple features and price points have them (Atalasoft) far ahead of any other products.” Some of the factors that influenced Core Medical Solutions when initially choosing Atalasoft’s software were:

  • License model
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of function
  • Reliability
  • .NET native support
  • Additional features (e.g. Text OCR rendering to PDF, Image cleanup tools)
  • Support/Knowledge base resources on line

For nearly ten years Atalasoft has provided imaging libraries to help software developers like Core Medical Solutions build document scanning, viewing, and processing into their applications. Atalasoft reduces development time and eliminates expenses by offering fixed-price royalty-free licensing for many products. Atalasoft also specializes in zero-footprint imaging technologies, allowing applications to be more competitive, easier to use, and 100% web-based.
After using Atalasoft’s ImgX toolkit and the ISIS add on since 2007, they did consider other possible options, but all roads led back to Atalasoft.  “Our major decision that was made after seriously considering all available products was DotImage for server image processing for our scanned medical records.”
Dr. Ward elaborated further, “Initially we were using the Atalasoft ImgX component for a small scale image manipulation project, and our experience with this tool then eventually led to our use of the full DotImage Net componentry.”
Atalasoft was a clear choice because it fit Core Medical Solutions’ needs in just one product. “In terms of what unique problems Atalasoft solved, the above reasons were all unique, though some could be tackled with other products.  The combination of all made Atalasoft a simple choice for us.  Without those factors in combination it is highly likely that our development cycle would have been severely hampered, if not stopped, as we would have been looking at internally resourcing the functionality.”  Because Atalasoft’s solution addressed all areas of concern so well, there was no reason to involve additional products or solutions.


The implementation of Atalasoft’s DotImage solution fit nicely with Core Medical Solution’s architecture, in part because another Atalasoft solution was already in place.  Dr. Ward explained.  “Our software is combination of .Net and VB6 code.  Our legacy VB6 code utilizes Atalasoft’s ImgX for some image manipulation.  Our document processing server components are responsible for the conversion of scanned images into clinically appropriate documentation. Processing includes Image manipulation (cleanup, rotation etc.), OCR for form identification, and PDF rendering with and without embedded OCR text layers.  We also use the Atalasoft ISIS .NET component for client side interaction with the physical scanning devices.”

Winning Results
Since implementation, things are on track and Core Medical Solutions is pleased with the results.  “We have had no reason to reconsider our decision.  Our clients don’t really have any exposure to the Atalasoft componentry, which is great as it means it is never a problem to be considered,” said Dr. Ward.
Ultimately Core Medical Solutions can now provide their clients a better overall solution with more features. “Effective and efficient features allow us to offer greater features to our customers.  For example, the OCR to PDF rendering that is available in DotImage is effective, and is also efficient, which allows our customers to not only capture their paper documents, but also to use the content of that paper record for other use (e.g. information extract and research).  If this feature did not exist, or was inefficient to prevent it’s widespread use, then these benefits could not be realized.”
The results of implementing Atalasoft’s DotImage SDK have been deeply beneficial to Core Medical Solutions. The license model, which is server based, matches Core Medical Solution’s sales model and allows them to provide advanced tools that are not available in competing products at a price that is acceptable to the market. Dr. Ward explained further how significant the return on investment has been. “If we were to select the closest next option, we were looking at significantly increased site licensing for our client, and less efficient and effective functionality.  Internally developing the same functionality would too expensive to ever really suggest as an alternative.  The ROI is significant as it has enabled us to become the largest single provider of hospital scanned medical record systems in Australia.”


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