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August 20, 2018 Brendan Day

Just a quick post on a recently completed project around Product Consolidation.  Too many product options can make the decision and buying process overly complicated and the customer can get the feeling that they are being ‘nickel-and-dimed’ as the expression goes.  I suspect many customers don’t want to be charged small amounts for many services, but prefer a more inclusive approach.

To help streamline our product offering we decided to include 5 previously separate add-on’s into DotImage – these items are DICOM, JPEG200, JBIG2, CAD, and Forms Processing.  We also created 1 Barcode Reading product instead of 3 and consolidated our Mobile offering to 1 product instead of 3.

We continue to find ways to better serve our customers – Some of our future posts will focus on Subscription Agreements, Licensing (always a popular topic!) as well as MobileImage.

Thank you for considering Atalasoft for your project!


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Brendan Day

Brendan Day is Atalasoft's Director of Sales and Marketing. He brings over two decades of software sales experience to Atalasoft, 15 of which are in the imaging toolkit space.

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Just a quick "Thank you" to our GREAT customers!
Just a quick "Thank you" to our GREAT customers!