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October 3, 2012 Office

Hey.  So it’s been a while.  Which means…



Yes.  That absolutely called for an obnoxious font style, size, and color.

Just as this side comment calls for decreased font size and italics.


Steve Day

On September 7th, Atalasoft had the honor of participating in the celebration of Steve Day.  This is not yet a national or international holiday, but it should be.

This holiday pays tribute to Steve Hawley, our Chief Architect and the creator of the most brilliant calendar system EVER.  Seriously, what is this “30 days hath September, April, June, and November” nonsense?!  Steve’s calendar provides a methodical and practical organization of dates, without the silly rhyme.

Basically: there is a set of 13 months consisting of 28 days each.  Every month starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday, so dates will always fall on the same day of the week and there will never be a Friday the 13th (phew!).

If you do the math (28x13=364) there is one day left in the year.  That day is Steve Day.

Steve Day has no “date” value; it is not a Monday, or any other day of the week, and it has no numerical digit assigned to it.  This day shall be spent not working but instead honoring the calendar creator as the community sees fit (parades, shrines, feasts, etc.).

Steve dry ice     itsit

Atalasoft celebrated by doing science with dry ice and with a feast of mint It’s-It sandwiches!

This system also accounts for what we call a “leap year”.  The “leap day” becomes another Steve Day, and during this year the Steve Days are referred to as Steve Day0 and Steve Day1.  Both days shall be spent in a similar celebratory manner.

There are also some rules about naming children born on Steve Day, as well as other calendar specifics which I do not possess the eloquence to explain properly.  If you didn’t click on the link to Steve’s blog post above, do it now.

Until this calendar becomes law (which I’m sure it will, as soon as Steve’s son Stuart rules the world), Steve Day shall be celebrated on or around Steve’s birthday – September 2nd.


Office Beautification: Project Bathroom

As I mentioned previously in my Office Beautification blog post, our bathroom was in some serious need of attention.  So, inspired by a post-it mural left on the wall by an anonymous employee, I decided to give it some Space Invaders lovin’.


bathroom panoramic

bathroom little guys     bathroom mural     bathroom little guys 3

bathroom mini mural rotate     bathroom little guys 2    


There you have it, folks.  I feel like a proud parent.


Marco came to visit!


This is Marco, our EMEA sales account executive.  We love Marco!  Yay!



A Gangnam Style Staff Meeting

On the morning of September 21, 2012, Atalasoft held its regularly-scheduled staff meeting, per usual.  But what occurred at this staff meeting was not so usual.

A couple weeks ago, I had a life-changing experience.  This experience has since ignited a flame of passion within me, a passion to make the world a better place by sharing this wonderful gift with everyone I know.  I decided to start with my coworkers.

At approximately 10 AM, the employees of Atalasoft (including Marco!) got to their feet around the conference room table, placed their right hand over their hearts, and blindly swore to take this magical journey with me.  And then I played them a clip of what we were about to do together.


“Gangnam Style” by South Korean rapper, Psy


Oh yes.  I taught this dance.  And EVERYBODY HAD TO DO IT because they swore to me that they would!  BWAH HAH HAH HAH!

The Atalasoft team constantly surprises and amazes me.  Who else would learn this ridiculous dance so early in the morning, and even laugh while being forced to look like a complete goof?

PS: If you hadn’t seen this video before reading this blog post, you must be living under a rock.  It’s even been on the news!!!



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