Planning on going mobile? Now is the time

August 14, 2015 Kevin Hulse

Almost two billion smartphones are active on cellular networks today. There is a studied type of anxiety called "nomophobia", or the fear of being out of mobile contact, that causes equivalent stress to "wedding day jitters".  Businesses, large and small, have been talking about converting existing applications to mobile for years now. It's clear the world has changed, and its time for business to catch up.

"44% of organizations are only 10% towards their goal of paper-free processes. 23% have yet to achieve any, including 22% of the very largest organizations. 17% are updating processes at a rate of five or more per year." - AIIM Market Intelligence "Industry Watch"

This paints the field very clearly. People want it, and businesses are playing catch-up. Even our loyal customers' decision makers are showing a similar trend:

Very few have started or completed their projects to move to mobile. It is now painfully clear that mobile will become the platform of business and the process of converting should be accelerated by any means available.

If your business works with digital or physical documents, Atalasoft's SDKs are proven to increase productivity of your IT organization as well  as remove the need for format specialists so your engineers can get the job done. This spring we launched our MobileImage SDK for creating native iOS and Android applications that capture paper documents using the mobile camera, scan for barcodes, and perform cleanup on device to insure readable documents to submit to backend server processes.  If you are one of our customers, and want to learn more, please send an email to your account executive. Otherwise, if you want to talk to us about how Atalasoft can help your company achieve its mobile goals please email 

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Kevin Hulse

Kevin is the Associate Solutions Enablement Specialist (a Technical Marketing position) at Atalasoft. He has worked prior in both engineering and support at Atalasoft. He also runs the company sponsored softball team and is an avid game player.

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