Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Atalasoft

December 21, 2012 Steve Hawley

For the last several years, we’ve hosted a Secret Docubot event at Atalasoft.  This year, we combined the annual Docubot festivities with a bacon day.  Now as I sit back at my desk, trying to concentrate in the face of a food coma, I thought I’d present you with some pictures I took during the festivities:


Hi!  I’m bacon!



We bought a grill to keep in the office.  This one is much larger.  It’s loaded up with two pounds of thick cut pepper bacon from Burger’s Smokehouse.

By the way, their Cajun Steak Cut bacon was awesome.  See that jar there?  Rick G. claims it’s moonshine.  I don’t know how he got it.



Yes, that’s a donut.  Yes, we eat dangerously.  Just not every day.



Sadly, as delicious as it looks, it didn’t taste that great – it tasted like a hot, extra greasy donut.



Elaine and her animatronic hat.



Rick C. opening Docubot gifts.



Engineering Kevin preparing to shuffle.



Marco conferenced in.



Asia with morning coffee.



Lou recreated Eric’s tragic dodge ball accident



Eric, clearly excited to open his Docubot gift.




Yes. Yes you are.

About the Author

Steve Hawley

Steve was with Atalasoft from 2005 until 2015. He was responsible for the architecture and development of DotImage, and one of the masterminds behind Bacon Day. Steve has over 20 years of experience with companies like Bell Communications Research, Adobe Systems, Newfire, Presto Technologies.

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