Have a Happy New Year... Not End of Years!

December 12, 2012 Atalasoft General


December 21 is coming...so what!


December 21 of this year marks the end of the Mayan Calendar. It does not, however, mark the end of the world as your Facebook friends will soon tell you! In fact, there are still Maya around today and they believe December 21 actually marks the start of a new era. Think of it like a Mayan New Year's Eve celebration...except it only happens every 52,000 years. The calendar ends and then is "restarted." What? A calendar that ends and then starts again? Sounds familiar to me - and on a day that's shared with my wedding anniversary, I would rather not have a going-away party; I'd rather think of it as a Mayan time for renewal and reflection. That said,...

Thank you.

We wanted to put some internet conspiracy ideas to bed and put your worries to rest. For all the rest of us, it's the end of our calendar year - and it's been such a fantastic year we've shared with you. Thank you for continuing to put your trust in Atalasoft, our products, and Support Team to help you through your imaging SDK needs. We really, truly appreciate it. We've released some major product updates (Atalasoft DotImage 10.2 for .NET and Atalasoft JoltImage for Java) and we couldn't have done it without you.

Atalasoft likes to give back

We're always trying to find ways to give back to the community and show our appreciation. From our early days of donating 100% of the profits from our legacy batch image software to this month when Atalasoft sponsored the Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity Gingerbread House Build-off. Habitat for Humanity builds houses for those in need, so we didn't hesitate at the chance to make a donation and dive into some sweet, sweet creations.

Atalasoft at the PVHabitat Gingerbread House Build-off
A view of the nice turnout at the PV Habitat for Humanity Gingerbread event.

Atalasoft's gingerbread house creation at PV Habitat's Gingerbread House Build-off event
The Atalasoft Sugar Village. Hey, we only had an hour :) Left to right: Eric Deutchman, Spike McLarty, Julia Burch, Jake Mitchell


Whichever calendar you use, have a great holiday and a happy new year!


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