Document Tree Viewer with Atalasoft, Part One

August 21, 2014 Kevin Hulse

Two weeks ago, we surveyed our customers to find out what features they wanted to see in future versions of our SDKs.  There were many inspiring feature suggestions that ended up logged in TFS. One feature, suggested more than once, stood out as a perfect feature to implement externally, then write about the process and provide sample code that developers could use directly next to our SDK.

The goal of this new feature is to create WebDocumentRepositoryViewer with a tree view of the structure of documents within the repository.  It’s essentially an HTML5 treeview of available documents that links to our web viewers to display the selected document. When a document is selected in the repository, the WebDocumentViewer and WebDocumentThumbnailer open the new file allowing you to scroll through the pages as usual – all with no plugins necessary.

It is my plan to create this control using a jQuery control called FancyTree, and provide the following API to interact with it:

Creates a new DocumentRepositoryViewer

WebDocumentViewer – The Atalasoft WebDocumentViewer to link to and display selected documents.
DivObject – The jQuery object that the control is to be placed in.

AddDocument(FolderStructure, DocumentName, DocumentUrl)
Adds a new document to the repository

FolderStructure – The string listing the folder path to the document (e.g. “Docs/Sample/”).
DocumentName – The display name of the document.
DocumentUrl – The URL to access the image on the server.

Although this is just an introduction to my venture in a repository viewer control, I expect this to be pretty straightforward, knowing the depth of the Atalasoft toolkit. My next post, part two, will include the finished sample application, its source code and the javascript source code of the control.

If you’re looking for something similar, leave a comment in the section below. Or, send a request to to get added to my testing!

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Kevin Hulse

Kevin is the Associate Solutions Enablement Specialist (a Technical Marketing position) at Atalasoft. He has worked prior in both engineering and support at Atalasoft. He also runs the company sponsored softball team and is an avid game player.

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