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July 6, 2012 Atalasoft General

One thing that Atalasoft knows how to do really well is HAVE FUN.  Don’t get me wrong - we work our tookuses off too!  It’s kind of a work-hard-play-hard mentality.

June 28th (last Thursday) was my birthday, so, naturally, I wanted to play a little.  The previous week Christina had sent me an inspirational photo she found on Fuzz Production’s facebook page, along with a link to a similar one on a website called Office Cubicle Pranks.  The topic came up at lunch on Wednesday the 27th, and I decided that as my one request for my birthday, I wanted to pull this prank on someone.  And that someone was my cube neighbor, Kevin Hanks.

Now Kevin Hanks is a bit of a jokester himself.  Just a week or two ago, he admitted to hiding our old doorbell in Eric Deutchman’s (Marketing Manager) office for about a month and pressing the ringer button from his desk a discreet 10-20 times per day.  Antics such as this have prompted the nickname Kevin PRANKS (which I actually made up, like, yesterday… but it’s totally gonna catch on!).

So Wednesday afternoon, right after Kevin left for the day, we decided to give him a dose of his own medicine.  Christina and I (with a little help from Eric) covered Kevin’s desk in 150 square feet of tinfoil.


Kevin Pranks 002


Of course we went for big things, like his monitors and desk chair, but the beauty was all in the details: a paper clip, a box of tissues (I definitely wrapped an actual tissue and stuck it in the box), even a bag of Ruffles chips sitting next to his phone.  It was so shiny…so pretty…so…perfect…


Kevin Pranks 005   Kevin Pranks 008   Kevin Pranks 004


I got in the office a little early on Thursday so that I could see Kevin’s reaction.  I didn’t even go into the kitchen to get breakfast, for fear that I would miss the big moment.  And it was absolutely worth the tummy grumbles because I caught the whole thing on film!



It’s like Christmas morning!


In the end, Kevin handled it well.  In fact, he even liked it.  Look how happy he is in his new Cubicle from the Future:


Kevin Pranks 019


I’m sure he’ll get me back some day.  I’ll be ready for it.  I’ve got my big girl pants on.  Until then, this is Amy Crawford, Professional Prankster – signing out.


Kevin Pranks 011


Check out the rest of the photos here on our facebook page!

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