Atalasoft 10.5 SDKs Released

July 30, 2014 Atalasoft General

General Atalasoft SDK Changes

Drag and Drop Thumbnails in the Web Document Viewer Control

DragDrop Thumbnails

Customers have asked and now we've delivered!

You now have the ability to rearrange pages in a document through the WebDocumentViewer by dragging thumbnails in the WebDocumentThumbnailer.

Changes will automatically be reflected in the connected WebDocumentViewer. Calling save() after rearranging the thumbnails will cause the users’ changes to the document to automatically save in a new file on the server side.




Enhanced IE11 Support

Internet Explorer 11 Support




With the release of 10.4.1, we added support for IE11 and with any new browser there are complexities that are not always seen up front.

With 10.5, we have found and removed corner cases with small thumbnails, right-to-left languages, and JavaScript alert errors when there wasn’t a logical error.





DotImage PDF Bundle Changes

PDF Forms in the Web Document Viewer

PDF Fillable Forms

Harnessing the power of the DotImage PDF Bundle (which includes DotImage + DotPdf + PDF Reader add-on), we've integrated the ability to display interactive PDF forms natively in the WebDocumentViewer.

This allows clients, customers, and internal users to fill in your PDF forms in our viewer embedded in any HTML5 browser environment. Upon calling save() in the viewer, the entered data will be returned to the server side for validation and any data workflow that your application requires. Review the complete DotImage 10.5 release notes.




JoltImage SDK Changes

JoltImage being the newer of our two Atalasoft SDKs had the huge job of playing functional catchup to our 10 year old .NET offering. I am excited to report that with version 10.5 we have nearly achieved full feature parity for the purposes of workflow and web based applications.



Tesseract OCR

Tesseract OCR


Adding Google’s open source OCR engine, Tesseract, to our Java SDK enables your application to achieve full scanned document processing, searchable archiving and other workflow tasks based on extracted information.

More OCR engines will be available in future versions.


PDF Format Tools: (PdfTranslator, PdfDocument, and PdfEncoder)

WebDocumentViewer WebCapture SharePoint Web Parts
With the 10.5 version of our Java toolkit, the popular PDF format is now fully integrated and can be viewed, manipulated and images can be converted or saved in the format.

This will greatly increase application versatility and enable the option to use PDF as if it were in any other image format.

See the complete 10.5 release notes for our JoltImage Product.

For more information, or to upgrade to 10.5, please contact sales or view the DotImage Knowledgebase article.



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