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October 7, 2013 Atalasoft General

Update: Atalasoft version 10.4.1 was released in early 2014 and brings support for Tesseract OCR 3.2, updated DICOM libraries, and bug fixes. See the release notes for more information:

What's new in 10.4.0? Our engineers have been hard at work and we are excited to announce the latest release of our SDKs: Version 10.4. This is a major release just like 10.2 and 10.3. Let's dive into some new features for our products across the board:

Word Reader

Word Reader


(for DotImage, any edition)

Customers have been asking to be able to open Microsoft Word files in our viewers. With this new product users will be able to rasterize basic word documents to save in other formats or display in our viewers.

Simply add the WordDecoder to the list of RegisteredDecoders. Any Word document opened with our controls would then become rasterized automatically and displayed in the viewer. The .docx is turned into an AtalaImage that can be treated like many other formats we support.


  • Rasterizes .docx and [limited] .doc files.

  • Allows Word files to be displayed in our viewers

  • Allows Word files to be converted to image formats that we support saving to.

  • Read more about the DotImage Word Reader add-on


PdfForm Support

PDF Repair

(included with Atalasoft DotPdf SDK)


Interactive PDF forms can now be created, opened, and parsed for data. This is useful for creating digital interactions between your constituents and their clients. For example, a developer builds an app that created a PDF with form annotations, then sends that PDF to a user to be filled out. The user fills out the form and returns it. Lastly a service running DotPdf would open and parse the data and create any appropriate workflow objects.


  • Programmatically create new PDFs with fillable form data objects

  • Programmatically pre fill or customize forms on a per user basis

  • Programmatically read the data from a DotPdf form that has been filled in

  • Programmatically read the data from a preexisting PDF form that uses widget annotations for its form objects

  • Programmatically inject data into a form

  • Read more about Atalasoft DotPdf



PDF Repair - DotPdf


(included with Atalasoft DotImage Document Imaging or DotPdf)

Out of specification PDF files are fairly common. In this release we have added the automatic faculty to correct some of the more common specification breaking issues. Now when opening a file with PdfDocument (Not PdfReader or PdfDecoder), if an issue exists in the PDF, we attempt to repair the issue before opening the file in PdfDocument. 

More PDFs will open in PdfDocument without any code changes. In a situation where a user needs to care about how their malformed PDF is fixed they can subscribe to an event and make decisions as to whether or not the new fixed PDF has been fixed in a way that is satisfactory.


  • Automatically detect and repair common issues with out-of-specification PDF

  • Triggers an event if an issue is detected, so that it may be handled in a custom programmatic way

  • Improves general PDF consumption without any additional changes for a user.

  • Read more about Atalasoft DotPdf


Web Document Viewer Thumbnail Controls

WebDocumentViewer Thumbnail Support


(included with Atalasoft DotImage Document Imaging edition or Atalasoft JoltImage)

Our legacy web controls had an image viewer and a thumbnail viewer to navigate multipage documents. With the 10.4 release, the newer Web Document Viewer controls now have a thumbnail control that can be used alongside the image viewer.

Navigate through multipage PDF or TIFF documents in the browser with this linked thumbnail control.


  • Connects to the Web Document Viewer for quick page-viewing control

  • Server backends for both Java and .NET environments

  • Displays annotations made in the main viewer

  • Read more about the DotImage Web Document Viewer controls


SharePoint WebParts

WebDocumentViewer WebCapture SharePoint Web Parts


(included with Atalasoft WingScan or DotImage Document Imaging)

Hosting our WebDocumentViewer or our WingScan WebCapture control in SharePoint was difficult for our customers. In this release, we have created simple SharePoint WebParts that allow our users to easily add the WebPart to their SharePoint deployment and have it display on their SharePoint pages.

Add our WebPart controls to the list of WebParts that users can add to their pages. The users can then create pages in SharePoint with our WebDocumentViewer or our WingScan WebCapture web controls and they will interact with SharePoint document lists.


  • Simplifies full trust deployments of WebDocumentViewer and WingScan WebCapture controls (supports all of our supported image formats)
  • Currently limited use-cases for this, so please let us know what kind of application you are trying to build.

If you'd like to upgrade or learn more, please contact sales or see this Knowledgebase article.

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