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I don’t need to do any scientific research on this one: Family-Work balance is VITAL.

Missing your favorite Spin class to meet a major project deadline might bum you out a little, but you won’t experience any major health detriments (assuming your “deadline” is not just a frequent excuse for missing out on your sweat sessions).  Occasionally you might have to trade Happy Hour for some presentation prep, but you can always catch it next week (or tomorrow).  But what happens when your daycare provider suddenly gets food poisoning and your significant other is out of town? 

I might not have any children myself, but I can still appreciate a workplace that fully supports those who do.  And according to this article from the Harvard Business Review, it’s kind of a rare thing in the US.

Family-workplace balance is an area where Atalasoft truly shines.  But rather than having me, a single and childless 20-something tell you why, I’m going to let a few of my coworkers speak for themselves…

“From being a constantly-puking pregnant person to working from home with a feverish baby, Atalasoft has given me the flexibility to maintain a realistic work-life balance and truly enjoy my life as a working mom.” – Christina Gay, HR Director

Clara V. Gay


  • Likes: Pretending to burp, eggplant, drinking bathwater
  • Dislikes: When the cat runs away from her Godzilla-like advances (ME CLARA! ME LOVE KITTEH!), having her face wiped, when you say “we’re going for a ride in the car” and then you don’t (WTF MOM!)


“The trust that Atalasoft has placed in me means that I can schedule my work time flexibly, allowing me to take care of my daughter when needed.  Because I get to spend more time with her, I end up performing with a higher quality to show my appreciation.” – Elaine Gorham, Training & Support Manager

Camille G.


  • Favorite songs: “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon, “So What” by P!nk, and the childhood classic “Baa Baa Black Sheep”
  • Fun Fact: Camille took her first steps on her first birthday – IN THE ATALASOFT OFFICE!


“My kids have loved the social events that Atalasoft has had for families, and [Atalasoft] has been tolerant of the times I’ve had them in the office.” – Steve Hawley, Chief Architect

Alice & Stuart

Alice     Stuart

Stuart and Alice

  • Fun Facts: Alice has danced in 3 ballets!  And Steve is worried that Stuart may someday rule the universe…
  • Link of appreciation: Check out how Steve’s family was supported by a fellow Atalasoft-er


Getting to meet the families of my coworkers and hear outstanding testimonials such as these make me feel SO lucky to work here.  I truly believe that Atalasoft’s mission to keep its employees close with their families helps all of us in the office feel a little bit closer, too.

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