Atala-Luau Lunch

October 24, 2012 Atalasoft General

What is one to do when the boss is on vacation in Hawaii?  Possible ideas:

  1. Nothing.  Because you’re super lame.
  2. Show up to work 2 minutes late and leave 2 minutes early, out of spite.  WHOA!  LIVIN’ ON THE EDGE!
  3. Go to Hawaii, too.

These were all thoughts that crossed my mind last week while our General Manager and 2 members of our sales team sipped tropical drinks, climbed sleeping volcanoes, napped on powder-soft beaches, and flew in helicopters over the serene blues of the Hawaiian waters.  I work hard.  I deserve a trip to the islands.  Right?  RIGHT?!

But alas, I was not in Hawaii.  And my options weren’t looking good.  I would not get lazy with my work, because that is unethical (and frankly, not how I roll).  I could not afford a trip to Hawaii, and I would most likely be fired if my boss unzipped his suitcase to find me folded up inside.  And I wasn’t going to do nothing, because I am certainly NOT a lame-o.

So…what to do?

Why, bring Hawaii to Atalasoft!  (Duh.)

Thursday evening on a whim, I decided to go pick up some leis:


photo 4     photo 5

Look how happy Spike and Dave are with their bright pink leis!


Some tropical tchotchkes:


photo 1

Well, at least the ceiling spinners aren’t blurry.


Some plastic Margarita cups for Piña Coladas at Beer:30:


photo 2

Who would turn down a chance to break out Mr. Tipsy the Margarita Machine?


And then on Friday, I ordered some Hawaiian pizza, threw together a tropical fruit salad, and slapped on some Beach Boys for a lunchtime getaway:


photo 3

Hawaiian pizza is obviously a native cuisine.

So maybe it wasn’t a siesta on a perfect 75-degrees-and-sunny afternoon, or a swim session with dolphins and stingrays, or a feast of grilled spam and pineapples, or a beautiful Hawaiian lady dancing around in a grass skirt.  It was just me showing my coworkers that I love them.

And if an act of genuine love doesn’t take you away to a magical place, I don’t know what will.

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