Announcing Atalasoft's 10.7 Release

August 10, 2016 Kevin Hulse

Our engineers have been working hard on a set of new functionalities that we think will help you solve your imaging challenges. 

New Partnership - ABBYY

Abbyy's FineReader SDK is as close to a household name as an OCR engine can possibly be. They have worked closely with our parent companies, and we are now proud to be leveraging their OCR offerings into our product.  Not only can the new AbbyyEngine object read printed text, but it can do handwriting recognition (ICR) as well. It supports many languages and character sets and we are excited to release it to our users.

New Office Decoder - Feedback heard loud and clear

Our first Office Decoder had some feedback from our users and we knew that we had to make some improvements. It required Office to be installed on deployment computers. This led to us going back to the drawing board. We are now proud to have a faster and lighter weight version of our OfficeDecoder add-on for DotImage. No more Microsoft Office requirement on the server and 15x faster than our first attempt. PPT, Word, Excel, and RTF are all supported.

PDF Compression

We have added new advanced PDF Compression options. PDF can now be linearized (faster loading over the internet) as well as programmatically broken down using segmentation and optimized, resulting in much smaller PDF file sizes.

The segmention engine finds areas in the image that can be broken down to smaller areas, using less pixel data than a full page. This is an optional function that can be turned on by setting the PdfEncoder's Mode attribute to PdfCompressionMode.Segmented.

WebDocumentViewer Upgrades

As we do with most versions, we add several new features to our viewer.  This time however, if I do say, we have some game changers for front end image editing, and search!


When an image has a text layer (Searchable PDF, Word Documents, OCR Data), our viewer automatically includes it and adds search and text selection functionality native to the viewer.

New Client Side Operations

In the client side API, we added these additional functions

  • Insert 
  • Reorder
  • Remove

To support these functions we also improved our Save method so it now will produce the exact image in the viewer upon save. We also added additional events to the serverside to support this functionality with additional customization. 

Further requests from customers instructed us to add custom thumbnail captions and rotate full pages along with their annotations. Those features and many other squashed bugs later, and we present you with Atalasoft's 10.7 release.

Please enjoy the new version. If you have any questions please contact us 




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Kevin Hulse

Kevin is the Associate Solutions Enablement Specialist (a Technical Marketing position) at Atalasoft. He has worked prior in both engineering and support at Atalasoft. He also runs the company sponsored softball team and is an avid game player.

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