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February 5, 2015 Brendan Day

Hello – My name is Brendan Day and I am the Sales and Marketing Director here at Atalasoft .

A little about me - I have been in the Imaging SDK space for about 12 years and with Atalasoft for the last 5.  When I first started here, Atalasoft was a small independent software company in Western Massachusetts. Since then, we have been acquired by Kofax, a strong and visionary organization in the technology industry. The great news is that we are still located here in Western Massachusetts, and as a division of Kofax, have a loyal and innovative team, and we have continued to grow and expand since the acquisition.

Last summer I was promoted to run Atalasoft when our founder Bill Bither moved on to seek new opportunities. Bill is a great guy and successful entrepreneur, and as such, he will certainly be missed around here, but we are all excited about what the future will bring in terms of continued product development and of course, new offerings. Stay tuned for a future blog post on this topic.

As I sit here in our conference room, our mission statement is prominently displayed on the wall and reads, “Atalasoft improves how people work with documents and images over the web with easy-to-use software backed by remarkable customer service."



Reflecting on this statement, I think about how we can improve your overall customer experience. It’s true; I spend a lot of time thinking about the business and how it can be improved.  Is the evaluation process easy enough?  Does the product have the features and functionality that customers want? Is support always there to help?  Is our sales team doing everything they can to ensure your questions are answered and to help make you (the developer) look like a superstar when you recommend Atalasoft for a project? These are all very important topics and a very high priority for everyone here at Atalasoft. And what keeps us up at night.



Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this post.  If you have any feedback, good or bad please let us know. You can always send me messages directly at

Best wishes for a very happy and successful 2015

Thank you,

About the Author

Brendan Day

Brendan Day is Atalasoft's Director of Sales and Marketing. He brings over two decades of software sales experience to Atalasoft, 15 of which are in the imaging toolkit space.

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