10 Reasons to Use Atalasoft's WebDocumentViewer Control

July 11, 2016 Atalasoft General
Thank you very much for considering Atalasoft for your project!  If any questions come up please don't hesitate to ask:  sales@atalasoft.com or give us a call 781.743.2119  The below article describes our HTML5 zero-footprint web based viewer.  Some add-ons may be required.  Updated July 2018.
Atalasoft's HTML5 zero-footprint WebDocumentViewer allows document interaction within a web browser, which can enable a huge number of use cases when working with paper documents. We think our viewer is pretty great, here's why:

10. Easy to get started


We provide a GitHub with a simple starting point for our viewer, making it really easy to get started with our viewer.

You can also visit our complete GitHub and our live hosted demo here

9. Supports PDF and Other Formats


PDF and many other formats are not web native. Our viewer live-converts image formats into formats viewable in HTML5. From CAD to DICOM to RAW to PowerPoint, we can easily display any image in our viewer, without additional code.

8. All the pieces you need, already included

Our HTML5  WebDocumentViewer comes ready to display all of your documents.  In Addition to giving you the ability to quickly scroll through pages, our thumbnail viewer allows for pages to be rearranged and documents to be appended. The document toolbar adds the ability to open, resize, zoom in/out and more.  Our annotation toolbar can easily be added to give you quick access to the annotation features you need.

And the best part? They are fully customizable!

7. Speaking of Annotations


Atalasoft's viewer has annotation support built right in - Just set the config option annotations to true. We maintain 8 out of the box annotation types, including text, freehand and rectangle. This enables many different kinds of document interaction, natively and in-browser, and only requires the config property:

allowAnnotations: true,

6. Touch Support

It is likely that you will need to view images both on your computer and on mobile devices.  Being able to use the same viewer in both situations is a huge plus. We have structured our viewer to comply to standards set forth by Apple and Google, automatically without additional code.

5. Data Security


Because the images are being rendered in real time on the server, it's possible to protect data and leave breadcrumbs as to who accessed and saved the data in the event of a leak. Auto redaction can be performed intelligently based on the users permissions on the server before reaching the user, hiding the data that the user shouldn't have access to. Atalasoft provides the tools to add these custom data security functionalities easily. 

4. In-Browser PDF Form Fill


Want to present interactive documents where data can be saved to a unique PDF? A single configuration option is all that needs to be turned on to add fields to a document. The hard part is all handled, and if a custom workflow needs to be kicked off, the server has events connecting user action to your backend process. Enabling this is as simple as setting a configuration property of the viewer.

3. Huge Document Support


Not all documents are created equal - Some are massive juggernauts. Take Moby Dick for example, its 861 pages of white whale hunting goodness, our viewer can handle it. We dynamically load pages where the viewer is focused to reduce load times and prevent in-browser memory crashes. This makes a huge difference, and you don't need to add any code.

2. Everything you need, and growing all the time

Our WebDocumentViewer is prepared to address whatever needs you have, and features are added all the time. Some of the highlights include:
  • HTML5 zero-footprint in-browser viewing
  • Integrated annotations (including burning) with image clean up
  • Easy to implement, fast loading, and fully customizable to fit your needs
  • Major formats supported include PDF, TIFF, Office and more
  • Searchable PDF Creation
  • Searching and highlighting text on searchable documents
  • Twain and ISIS Scanning
  • File format conversions

Additional products; more reasons to consider Atalasoft:

  • WingScan: Web based in-browser scanning with optional VRS clean-up
  • MobileImage: Mobile capture and clean up for iOS and Android (With Barcode)
  • OCR/ICR options
  • Barcode Reading and Writing

And of course, the most important reason to choose the WebDocumentViewer...

1. Atalasoft's Support Team


Our support team ROCKS and we mean that!  They will help accelerate the implementation of your custom viewer and reduce your learning curve. They are experienced software engineers that speak your language and can help get your document-centric apps looking sharp and working the way you like. Whether you prefer talking on the phone or using our case management portal, they will help you quickly, happily, and effectively.

Another consideration that comes up frequently is cost and how products are licensed.  We offer transparent pricing information and a Licensing Overview page right on our website.  If you have a small deployment, expect to scale to higher volumes, have an already deployed application, or need to switch vendors for whatever reason,  we want to work with you on an agreement that makes sense for everyone.  If you have any questions please contact us sales@atalasoft.com or give us a call 781.743.2119

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